When Sharks Bite – My Toddler is Teething

My baby boy is teething. Oy. He has a total of five teeth so far and two more ready to break through. Jed has three on the bottom and two on the top. Being a second time mom, I thought I was prepared for teething. However, every child’s development is different, just like every pregnancy or delivery is different.

Teething symptoms can range from low grade fevers, diaper rashes, and of course the ever-present lovely irritability. Someone once told me if adults had to cut teeth, there would be a higher rate of suicide. After seeing my baby boy at his finest in the past few months, I can believe that more and more.

I am lucky enough to not have to deal with diaper rash or fevers, but we are blessed with some fabulous toddler drama on occasion. Oh, and the newest addition to the repertoire is biting. Yes, Jed is a biter. He bites everything. The couch, the coffee tables, the occasional dining room chair.  Even Jed’s beloved bear blanket has become fair game for knawing. Luckily, we haven’t gotten to the biting people stage, so I can only hope it’s specific to teething and not the other phase of biting. EEK!

When Baby was teething, she wanted to be held, snuggled and comforted continuously. It was quite challenging sometimes as you can imagine. Jed, in all his crankiness usually doesn’t want to be held at all. Keeping him busy with toys and playtime helps him feel comforted. Although, he will seek comfort in the middle of the night.

Score one for Mommy for snagging the snuggle time, but the morning after is sometimes a little rough and requires extra coffee. Feel free to follow me on Twitter for more gratuitous tweets about morning coffee requirements. 

Are you dealing with a teething baby or toddler? Do you have any soothing tips to share, or maybe share a tip as to how to stop the destruction of my furniture. :-)

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One Response to “When Sharks Bite – My Toddler is Teething”

  1. Tina March 16, 2010 at 11:17 am #

    Good luck. I have found that a wet wash cloth when frozen acts as a great teething device. Just make sure you squeeze the water out really good before you freeze it! Dare is cutting molars now and tends to chew on her fingers more than anything.