Graco Car Seat Installation – Going Behind The Camera

At Graco, we recognize the challenges new moms face and do our best to provide insight and guidance through those times.  All moms can relate to concern over their new addition’s safety – specifically in the car.  We can understand that, so we’ve worked to get you the tools you need to ensure you are prepared and well equipped with information on how to choose, and install, Graco car seats.  Check out for the total information package.

Whether you are installing with LATCH or using the seatbelt, we can provide you with step-by-step directions.  The best part is the advatage of actually seeing someone else do it - giving you an additional level of comfort when installing. Graco currently has six installation videos available. Video # 7, featuring the Snugride Infant car seat, was filmed last week and will be availble online by the end of April.

Heidi Parker (member of the Graco family) and her daughter Reese (just two months old and a natural on camera!) joined us to film the installation video.  Heidi is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, so working with her on set was a breeze, and Reese was such a trooper!

For those of you that have never been on a video set – let me educate you.  For a two minute video,  we filmed for about six hours!  It is a FULL day of “lights, camera, action”.  Not only is there a 10-person crew on set to manage the lights, the sound, the camera , the makeup, the talent, and a producer, but we also have several members of the Graco team there to ensure we get exactly what we need to create a resource for new moms.

It is in fact, a production.  We even get to see how it is looking on camera, by watching the film on a real-time, on-set television.

Lastly, once the video portion is complete, it is time to record the voiceover.  Usually by this point, we are all pretty tired.  Especially the talent!

Although it is a long day, it’s a good one.  Most important,  it is a day committed to providing comfort for new parents and giving them the tools they need to ensure their car seats are installed properly and securely.

We hope the videos serve as a constant resource for parents (check them out again when installing a “big kid” seat) as we have installation videos for all types of seats.

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3 Responses to “Graco Car Seat Installation – Going Behind The Camera”

  1. Lauren April 16, 2010 at 12:25 pm #

    I love the Graco Snugride!

  2. hybrid efficiency May 27, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

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  3. Annette June 2, 2013 at 7:38 pm #

    It is not surprising that it takes hours to make a few minute video, between retakes, etc. You are providing valuable information, so keep up the good work.