Connecting with Children through Cooking

There are so many ways for parents to connect with their children. One of the best ways I have found, is through sharing common interests. Baby and I have planted flowers, her father coached her first ever attempt at soccer, and our latest adventure was attending cooking school. Our local Whole Foods Market has a fabulous program called Salud! that offers hands on cooking classes for kids. After reviewing a few options, I decided to register for the Easter treats class.

 When the Saturday finally arrived, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure which of us was more excited, and it did not disappoint. Baby was able to interact with other children and share in the tasks to mix the ingredients to make the dough for our cookies. Once the dough was made and distributed, Baby and I were able to roll it out and use the fun spring shaped cookie cutters. When the cookies were all on the baking sheet, the instructor replaced our dough cutouts with already baked cookies. Score!  This was great so we didn’t have to wait for baking and cooling to move on to decorating.

Baby was having a great time decorating the cookies with the royal icing and multiple shades of sugar crystals. So was I. When I complimented Baby on one of her decorated egg cookies, her response of “And I am proud of you for doing one all by yourself, too“, just made my heart melt.

After our cookies were decorated, we placed them in festive Easter bags to take home to Daddy and Jed (who already loves cookies. Go figure.)  We said thank you to the instructors, goodbye to our new freinds, and headed downstairs to the market for lunch. Bonus!  Mommy and daughter get more time together. As we ate our pizza and talked about the fun time we just had in class, I found myself wishing time would stop. I wanted Baby to be my little girl forever. Now I know that won’t happen, but what I can guarantee, is that there will be more cooking classes in our future, as well as any other activity Baby takes interest. I choose to stay connected to my child and to cherish every minute of it along the way.

Do you cook with your children? What other ways have you found to stay connected with your children?

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2 Responses to “Connecting with Children through Cooking”

  1. Tina April 9, 2010 at 5:53 am #

    I have a geat video of D and Ava helping me make stuffing the week J and J were in town with Ava! We had a blast. Sounds like you and baby had a great time making cookies and sharing lunch! She is getting to be such a big girl! Enjoy!!


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