Spring Has Sprung

Here in Atlanta, it seems like we jumped right from winter to summer over these last few weeks. It was cold, rainy (and even snowy!) for months. Then, we shifted directly into what seemed like full-on summer — I already have a few early trips to the pool under my belt this month.

This week, we’re finally back to normal with a cool rain that feels like spring is in full force. (My wardrobe has had a hard time adjusting!)

With all of this wacky weather, there has been one wonderful reminder of spring that has been even more incredible than I remember in recent years, but was always a sure sign of the season when I was growing up in Syracuse, New York.

While spring might “spring” here in Atlanta in late March, I remember we had to wait until May for things to be in full bloom. Every year when I was a kid, we had these beautiful cherry trees that my parents planted in our front yard.

And every year — never fail — the trees would bloom at the exact same time, just in time for my birthday on May 8. For as long as I can remember, I’d walk outside on my birthday morning and watch as the wind would blow and the delicate whitish-pink petals would float down from the sky like a thousand graceful snowflakes. And the smell in the air was like perfume – sweet and light and perfect.

I always said it was nature’s birthday present to me and looked forward to it every year.

Now that I’ve grown up and moved away, I still look forward to spring and the life it brings with it. And thanks to all of our rain this year, the dogwood and cherry trees have bloomed to be more beautiful that I can ever remember. Just the smell brings me back home to those days in my front yard thinking about how lucky I was to get such a simple gift.

Now I guess it just comes a little earlier.

What are your memories of spring from when you were young? And what do you hope your kids will remember when they get older?

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One Response to “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. Lindsay Lebresco April 20, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    What a wonderful memory! I say this because I have the same one actually. My birthday is April 25th and I grew up in Maryland so every year for my birthday, our family’s Cherry Tree would bloom for me too! I always stood in front of that tree on my birthday and it’s fun to look back watching me grow up in the shadow of that tree.

    Now I’m racking my brain to think about what I can do for my kids like this… :)