Summer: Sun and Fun in the Great Outdoors

There’s nothing better than taking advantage of the sun, the nice weather, and the slightly slower pace of life that summer brings. Here are some great ways to connect with baby in the great outdoors:

Stroll Along: Its a sunny, breezy day and perfect for a long walk in the neighborhood, at the park, to the grocery store, or wherever you may roam.

Long walks give baby lots to look at, and new sounds and smells to experience. Point things out to her, ask her what she thinks (coos count as comments!), say hi to passersby and smile as they comment on your cute baby.

Burn a few calories and spend quality time with your little one. Some babies find strolling in the warm air the perfect excuse for a nap – take advantage of her peacefulness and find a little peace of yourself by enjoying the sites, the sounds, a few minutes talking with a neighbor, or just sitting on a bench listening to the world around you. Connect: Use a reversible handle stroller like the Alano™ FlipIt™ so that you and your baby can look at each other as you stroll.

Take a Hike: Want to try something a little more rugged or maybe your family is contemplating a camping trip this summer? Babies love the great outdoors!

Listen to the birds, or maybe a stream or river along your path. Watch baby smile as he spies little woodland creatures, or the happy golden lab trotting by. Whether you try a walk or jog on a local nature or hiking trail or go all out and pack baby up and pitch a tent, getting baby out into the wild can be a lot of fun. Make Things Easier: Bring your Travel Lite™ Crib and set it up in your tent – baby can enjoy the comfort of a good night’s sleep and you can rest well knowing he’s safe and secure.

Spread a Blanket: Take advantage of some green – your lawn, a park, or an outdoor amphitheatre (catching a concert in a casual environment like that can be a great way to have a grown up time and bring baby). Baby can get in some fresh air and some tummy time laying on a blanket. Stimulate Baby: Choose a blanket with bright or intricate patterns and watch your little one inspect those details.

No matter what activities you choose – summer is the perfect time for connecting and exploring the wonderful wide world we live in with your precious little one!

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2 Responses to “Summer: Sun and Fun in the Great Outdoors”

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  2. Ellie October 23, 2010 at 8:45 am #

    Stroller along with baby always a great activity ever for each summer.

    Planning a ’1-day’ trip with your baby to a park or nearby hill, then you’ll find a happier summer!