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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #21

Caught in the Act!! How many times has this happened to you?……  You painstakingly fold four loads of laundry and your toddler wakes up just as you are finishing up the fifth.  So you set him down with you to “help” while you finish.  You know what happens next!  Enjoy the mess and just be glad it [...]

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On Becoming an Aunt

We were so excited to feature Little E on Bundles, Bumps and Babies! #19 and we promised a word or two from the Happy Aunt – our own Sara Jackson,  Key Account Manager for Graco’s Walmart team.  So our special guest post today is from Aunt Sara! So we see a lot of posts about what [...]

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Maternity Styles

Watching many friends and family go through pregnancies, one common theme typically arises.  All women still want to look and feel cute, attractive and stylish when pregnant.  Why should you have to give it up?  These days, there are so many options out there for mom-to-be.  Not only can you purchase adorable maternity clothes, but here [...]

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Welcome Home Baby

Anxiety. Joy. Fright. Exhilaration. Pride. Exhaustion. Many new parents find themselves experiencing these emotions…and sometimes even all at once. Prime example – the day you leave the hospital and head home with a new baby. Babies do not come with instruction manuals. In my opinion, they should. Just saying. We were full of joy leaving [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #20

A Precious Moment There are many milestones in a parenting journey.  Some stay ingrained in our hearts and minds forever, like the day big sister and baby brother meet each other for the first time.  For many families, this passage toward the new dynamic of bringing another love into the fold can provide a profoundly moving moment of bonding. Thanks to [...]

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Father’s Day Twitter Contest Winners And “Best of” Tweets

Thanks to everyone who participated in our After Father’s Day Father’s Day Celebration Twitter Contest! We received a lot of tweets– really cute and thoughtful ones, all in honor of Fathers everywhere! We are pleased to announce our grand prize winner, Andrew Slater (@AAslater), who will receive a Graco Nautilus™ 3-in-1 Car Seat Matrix™. Our [...]

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Introducing “My First Baby!”

Expectant parents spend pregnancy day-dreaming about their baby and wondering what parenthood will be like. Once these new moms and dads bring their babies home there is so much to figure out, adjust to and celebrate. Now, thanks to My First Baby, an original new series from Meredith Video Studios and Graco, parents can celebrate [...]

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Honoring Dads This Fathers Day With Two Ways To Win

Father’s Day is just around the corner and Dads deserve to be honored– in a big way! Celebrate the fathers in your lives on Sunday, June 20 and check out Graco’s After Father’s Day Father’s Day Celebration to honor dad for an extra few days! It’s a Twitter contest we’re having this Monday, June 21. Entering [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #19

Here he is!!! There is so much excitement in Bentonville!  Our own Sara Jackson,  Key Account Manager on the Walmart team has become an Aunt!  This little guy was born weighing in at 9lb. 11oz and 22.5 inches long!  Sara was right on the road to Nashville when she heard he was on the way! [...]

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The Magic Touch To Soothing Baby

Ahh..the happiness you feel when you see your tired little one finally fall asleep! Soothing baby is a much discussed topic with new moms. You really have to try different things to see what works for your baby. After having two babies, I pride myself in having the “magic touch” when it comes to soothing [...]

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