Baby Shower at the Beach

Brittany with her newest baby mat for TR!

Over Mermorial Day Weekend, I drove to Charleston for a baby shower at the beach!  Brittany and Andrew Nicholson, close friends of mine, will be welcoming their first baby, “TR,” in July.  

Brittany and Andrew chose not to find out whether they are having a boy or girl, so “TR” is how family and friends are referencing baby Nicholson until the arrival. While we might not know the gender, we do know the names chosen.  “Tucker” for a boy and “Riley” for a baby girl – hence “TR”. 

After opening many presents and saying “awe” at least 40 times that morning, I learned a lot of great ideas and fun games for baby showers.  I definitely plan to stow them away for future showers. 

One game in particular, however, needs to be shared.

We called it “Diaper Dash.”  Diaper Dash consisted of two teams – competing for the title of “Diaper Dash Champions.”  It was a mommy obstacle course — and, it was a race.  This made for a pretty hilarious and fun time. 

1. Diaper the baby – Each team starts with a baby doll and the first step is to get the baby doll dressed.  Diapers, as we know, come first!

2. Put onesie on baby – After the baby has been diapered, pass her to your next team member to dress the baby in a onesie. We encourged the competition with a “blue” and “pink” team.  One of the baby dolls was in a blue onesie and the other a pink one. (I was on the pink team and we won – so maybe it’s a GIRL!)

3. Stroll baby – Have two lightweight strollers available for the game.  We borrowed two Graco Mosaic strollers from other moms attending the shower.  Once the baby doll is dressed, put him/her in the stroller and have one team member race the doll to the rest of your team.  Try to make it a long enough distance to make the players work for it!

4. Drink water out of a baby bottle – Have one team member drink water from an actual baby bottle.  This is pretty funny to watch!

5. Bathe baby – Once the water is out of the bottle, give the doll a baby bath!  We had little baby baths available that we borrowed from other moms at the shower. That also means off with the onesie and diaper.

6.  Diaper baby (again) - Of course, now baby needs to be diapered again after the bath.  Make sure to get the diaper on tight!

7.  Race the baby doll back to the other end!  First one to cross the finish wins!

Give it a shot at your next baby shower.   We played with about 14 people so everyone participated at least once.  Of course, mom-to-be sat out!

I know we all had a great time and it helped us get to know each other better! 

Also, keep your fingers crossed for TR’s arrival over July 4th weekend!  I will be visiting Brittany and Andrew in Quantico, VA and would be THRILLED to finally meet him/her! 

What games have you played at your baby showers, and what is the most creative thing a host has done?

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2 Responses to “Baby Shower at the Beach”

  1. Donna June 4, 2010 at 1:26 pm #

    Brittany’s shower sounds like it was so much fun! We actually played a similar relay game at Bunny’s shower. The hit of the party, though was the “Sweet Mess” game, where various chocolate bars are melted in diapers and the guests must sniff (some even dipped in a finger) to guess which diaper had which candy bar. Has anyone else ever done this? Here is a link to the blog about Bunny’s shower.

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