Welcome Home Baby

Anxiety. Joy. Fright. Exhilaration. Pride. Exhaustion. Many new parents find themselves experiencing these emotions…and sometimes even all at once. Prime example – the day you leave the hospital and head home with a new baby. Babies do not come with instruction manuals. In my opinion, they should. Just saying.

We were full of joy leaving the hospital with our first born. No fear loomed over the first car trip home. Baby was buckled in her SnugRide®, and it was barely a 5 minute drive. We GOT this we told each other. We had planned a lazy afternoon visit with friends. A husband of one my girlfriend loves babies. He’s a seasoned pro (having three grown children of his own). Baby snoozed for hours in T’s arms for hours. Our sweet baby was precious. Or so I thought.

After visiting, we said our goodbyes and DH were left alone with our baby girl. Baby happily sat in her bouncer while we ate dinner and we gloated in how smooth our new baby routine was going. What a big first day. We did great! DH and I were ready for some sleep. Baby had other plans.

 All that happy time with Baby during the day was a facade! There was fussing. Whimpering. We tried diapering, feeding, soothing and swaying. Nothing worked. Eventually came the crying and the screaming. What was wrong? Where was the manual? Oh yeah…she didn’t come with one!

We passed her back and forth. Baby would be calm for a short time, but as soon as we tried to put her in the bassinet, the wails would start again. I think it was around 8:00 AM when the phone rang. Bleary eyed, I answered. It was my dad calling to see how we were doing. My first response was “How soon can you get here?”, followed by a quick recap of the last 8 hours.

After my parents arrived, their only instruction was do NOT let the baby sleep until we get some sleep. Of course that’s not what happened. We all know grandparents.

Two minutes after Baby was snuggled warmly into her Poppy’s arms, she was out like a light. But honestly, that was ok ,because about the same time, DH and I were fast asleep too. Live and learn. Babies will do the opposite of what you expect. Always. Remember that, and you will be prepared for anything.

What was your fist night home with your newborn like?

Was it calm like a dream or complete chaos? Did you get any sleep?

For more experiences on welcoming your baby home for the first time, check out this My First Baby webisode!

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