On Becoming an Aunt

We were so excited to feature Little E on Bundles, Bumps and Babies! #19 and we promised a word or two from the Happy Aunt – our own Sara Jackson,  Key Account Manager for Graco’s Walmart team.  So our special guest post today is from Aunt Sara!

So we see a lot of posts about what it’s like to be a new mother or new grandmother, but what about becoming an Aunt?  Now THAT is cool.

I still remember the evening that I was sitting in a hotel, traveling for work, when my brother called me with the news that he and my sister-in-law were pregnant. I probably sat there for a full minute in silence (something extremely rare for me) with a huge grin on my face… I was going to be an AUNT!

I love children anyway and have been called “Baby Monster” on many occasions due to my love for holding and loving on infants, but this time was different – I was going to be an actual, blood-related Aunt!!

My SIL’s pregnancy flew by (well to me, anyway!), and next thing I knew I was driving 8 hours to meet my new nephew, Little E. 

I had repeatedly made my brother and SIL promise to call as soon as they were leaving for the hospital since I live 532 miles from where he would be born (not that I had the hospital address already set in the GPS or anything).  I pretty much ran down the hallway of the hospital and burst into their room to see my brother holding Little E…

I didn’t think anything would make me pause before snatching that baby to give him kisses, but the sight of my brother holding his son stopped my in my tracks.  It was then (and over the next couple of days) that I realized how amazing it is to watch a sibling transform into a parent.

My older brother is my only sibling and I’ve always looked up to him. I’ve seen him accomplish a lot in life, but seeing him as a dad is by far the coolest yet! He changed diapers, prepped for feedings, soothed and swaddled like an instant pro. 

So yeah, being an Aunt is awesome—I get to spoil the little dude completely rotten, buy all sorts of adorable clothes, one day secretly give him ice cream before dinner even though his parents said no—but the most amazing thing has been watching my brother and SIL go from adults to parents in a matter of moments. 

Plus, come on, how cute is this little guy?  And of course, Little E LOVES his Graco gear (what, did you think I would trust anything but the best for my nephew?! I know, I’m biased!). Thankfully the SnugRide 35 goes up to 32 inches because our Little E was 22.5 inches when he was born—and check out those feet, they barely fit on the ink pad at the hospital! 

There is nothing more adorable than a baby, especially when that baby gets to call me Aunt Sara.

What was it like welcoming a new baby into your family?

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