Showers for Grandparents?

Last year, when Lovebird was born, one of my coworkers surprised me by decorating my chair with an “It’s A Girl!” balloon.  I also received a few cards, a book titled, “In Grandma’s Arms” and a photo album from some of my good friends and sweet cousins.  These people were thrilled to be congratulating me and sharing my excitement at being a 1st time grandma.  Their gestures truly made a special time for me that much sweeter.

All during the time Bunny was expecting our Lovebird, I couldn’t wait to “gear” up so that Bunny and SIL would find our home baby-friendly and bring her often for visits once she arrived.  I bought them the Prenatal Heart Listener so they could listen to her heartbeat at home.  I got them a Sweetpeace Soothing Center, a Travel System and a Pack N Play.  

For Nonna and Paddy’s house (that’s us :) ), I picked up a Cozy Dinette High Chair and a Travelite Crib.  I also picked up an extra Snugride and Car Seat Base for our car.   Having this gear in our home has come in so handy when Lovebird visits.  Best of all, when she is not there, we just fold the high chair and crib right up and store them easily in a closet. 

Then the other day, on,  I read about an up-and-coming trend – Yes, BABY SHOWERS FOR GRANDMA.  What a great idea!! 

Think about it…. Grandparents often lavishly help in outfitting the expectant parents, but do they think of what they may need in their own homes to make it easier (and more appealing) for the parents to bring those little guys over?   Some grandparents are far away and when the baby comes to visit they will stay awhile and need basically EVERYTHING!

The needs are a little different for different grandparents and also different from what the parents need.  If you are like me, you will want your gear to be lightweight and readily storable. 

I think throwing a shower could be GREAT FUN for friends or even coworkers to do for one another to celebrate this exciting time.  Just think of all the fun you could have with it!  Party 411 has theme ideas and party games to play.

Here’s one I thought was funny:

“What is this for” – things have changed so much since the last generation had their babies, that some of today’s baby items didn’t even exist or could be virtually unrecognizable.  Like prenatal heart listeners, battery operated nasal aspirators or even breast pumps.

Awesome idea?  Really Stupid?  Upstages the parents? What do you think?

If you know anyone who has thrown a shower for grandparents or been the guest of honor, we would love to hear about it!

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