“I’m Pregnant!” How did you tell? Graco’s Facebook Favorites

Last week we asked Graco’s Facebook Community a simple question “How did you tell your spouse you were expecting?” Hearing your stories never gets old and we loved every single one.  We picked 10 of our favorites out of your 40+ comments and wanted to share them with you here (because we think you’ll like them too!)  Enjoy!

Heidi R.
“My daughter’s pregnancy was a blessing after a miscarriage so I put the pregnancy test (positive) in the mail box and told DH to check the mail because I was “expecting” something…I peeked through the window and watched his face light up!!!”

Shannon V.
“I texted him a pic of the test each time!!”
(that’s so 2010 of you, Shannon!)

Janea S.
“My husband was in Korea and we got on our daily webcam chat. I told him I had bought him a present and held up an “I love Daddy” bib…he said ” awww isn’t that cu….WHAT! ARE YOU PREGNANT!??” And the rest is history :) ( I had just gotten back from seeing him in Korea, by the way)”

Kayse R.
“It was Father’s Day and I was at my mom’s when I took the pregnancy test! The guys got home from golfing and I had my daughter take a wrapped present saying happy Father’s Day! He opened it and it was my pregnancy test!!!”

Angela M.
“We adopted. So I got the call! Crying, I called my husband. It took him forever to understand “we have a daughter!” Then I called the rest of my family. My father-in-law answered at my in-laws (he thought I was a salesperson when I asked for my mother-in-law!) He was like “wow!” when I told him he was getting a granddaughter.

Julie T.
“My husband had asked me to pick up something from a hardware store. When he got home from work, I asked him to check the bag and make sure I got the right thing ( I was secretly video taping at this point). He opened the bag and found 2 positive pregnancy tests!! He was speechless and couldn’t quit staring at them and smiling (we’d tried for almost 2 years)!!! One of the best moments!!”

Michele C.
“My husband told me I was pregnant before I knew! He kept looking at me, during dinner, and grinning. I asked him what he was grinning about and he said “You’re pregnant” and I didn’t believe him. We stopped at Walmart after dinner and he made me buy a test. Sure enough- I was pregnant. He just knew!”

Ingrid J.
“I found out about my last pregnancy right after Easter. So I put the test in an Easter basket and gave it to my husband that morning and said that the Easter Bunny brought us our Christmas present.”

Lisa R.
“I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I told my husband I was “being promoted.”

If you have a cute story too, please share!  And join Graco’s Facebook Fan page where the community is always sharing funny, loving, interesting and sometimes even tough stories of pregnancy and parenthood. Are you currently expecting? Check out Graco’s newest Facebook page I Love My Baby Bump to find info and conversation all about pregnancy!

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