Graco “From The Heart” Sweepstakes Winner

Finally, after a year of anticipation, Graco has a “From the Heart” sweepstakes winner, the Zaelit family.  The sweepstakes included a Graco suite of products, a family gathering to celebrate the baby, and lots of other goodies!

The Zaelit’s are extremely grateful for their prize and it was a pleasure celebrating the arrival of baby Kaitlyn (now 9 months), their first grandchild.  Grandpa Zaelit entered the family in the sweepstakes after his first grand-daughter was born, and was shocked and so grateful he won. “Thanks so much for all that we are getting.  It is a great opportunity for all involved and we could not have had this get-together without you.”

I had a chance to talk with Grandpa Zaelit and he offered up some great comments about being a grandparent.  Check it out:

1. Tell us a quick story of how you found out about the sweepstakes and why you entered.

We love Disney and I do a lot of online stuff (blogs, forums, web sites, pod casts…).  We have visited the theme parks many times.  I enter a lot of online contests for Disney items and my wife and kid tease me about this.  My daughter was doing research on baby products on-line and came across your contest on your web site.  She told me about it and I add it to my daily entries.

2. What do your grandchildren call you?

“Grandpa & Grandma”

3. What is the best part about being a dad/grandfather?

Our small family has always been very close.  It is great being involved in their lives and spending time with them.  We love spending time with Kaitie and watching her grow.

4. What has surprised you most about being a grandfather?

How fast she changes.

5. What is the biggest difference between playing “dad” vs. playing “grandfather”?

I can enjoy her more and not worry as much about needs and care.

6. What has been your most special moment as a parent (or grandparent)?

Watching her birth.

7. What prize are you most excited about?

There are several answers to this question.  Her dad’s  family is flying in for the party, which is always a treat.  Also one set of grandparents have not met Kaitie yet and they will be at the party.  They are also excited about sharing some of the Graco products with family members.  We are always excited to have any kind of family get together.  The savings bond will also be a great help to Kaitie in her future.

8. How many people do you have flying in to celebrate?  What’s the farthest distance someone is coming from?

We are flying in 10 people from Boise ID, Sacramento CA, and Dallas TX.

Congratulations to the Zaelits! The Graco family is thrilled to share this experience with you and we hope you enjoy celebrating the newest addition to your family.

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