Meet Jill Cordes – TV Host, Blogger and First Time Mom

Meet Jill and her adorable first baby, Fia Lily! Jill is the host of My First Baby, a video-sharing community for first-time parents, which we first introduced here back in June.

Prior to her gig as mom and host, she was the host for a slew of successful shows from HGTV’s My First Place to Food Network’s The Best Of. She’s done it all, from dining atop a glacier in Alaska to sharing a dance with the one and only, Morgan Freeman. Her success has taken her all over the country, even making an appearance on Oprah!

On top of all of that, she recently started writing about the joys and challenges of motherhood on her own blog, on My First Baby. Check out her latest hilarious post about baby milestones and share your own favorite milestone memories.

We’re so pleased to be able to introduce Jill, the Renaissance mama! We asked a couple questions about being a new mother, host and everything in between!

1. Is being a first time mom everything you thought it would be?

Actually, it’s totally different than I thought it would be. It’s hard to explain the mystery of motherhood, but it really is like joining the biggest club in the world. Once you’re in it, you’re like, “ahh now I get it.” I honestly never understood why baby sounds and smiles were such a big deal. I’d always be polite to my friends and act interested when their babies would do those things, but frankly I was probably more interested in the cheeseburger I was eating.  Now I’ve become the total cliche of every parent out there and I seriously can’t get enough of her. And I think everything she does has got to be the cutest thing that ever happened. (Cue the “awww, how adorable” here).

2. Why did you get involved with My First Baby?

I have done quite a few specials with the production company, Meredith Video Solutions. I was actually on a shoot with the Executive Producer, Seth Feldman, last year when I was 4 months pregnant. I told him my news and after the initial congrats, he casually said, “We should do a show about first time moms.” From there, it was, well, born.

3. What have you enjoyed most about being a part of the series?

I love connecting with other moms out there. Even though I don’t see them in person, I feel like we’re all part of this big community, sharing the experience together. And just knowing you’re not alone helps me–and hopefully others–with some of those bigger hurdles.

4. What’s your favorite part of the day with Fia Lily?

The whole day. I told you I was a cliché!

5. What is your favorite Graco product?

I love so many of their products. I’ll give my two top favs: First, the Pack n Play (the one with the changing table). Our home is two-story, so I can have one changing table downstairs, then her regular one upstairs. It also buys me precious time and keeps my neck from kinking as I have to constantly watch her now that she’s crawling. Our apartment is a loft space, so it is seriously a minefield. (on my next show list: find out how to properly babyproof). The only time I can get things done is if she’s napping or happily playing in the Pack n Play.
My other absolute favorites are the video monitors. I think they are by far the most superior ones out there. I sleep so much better now (even though I find myself glancing at the screen in the night), because I can actually see her belly moving (that’s how clear they are), so my irrational fears are put at ease. My husband though, has moved them to his side of the bed now because for a time, I was starting to wake up and look too much at them and thus, not get the sleep I need. He didn’t want me to go back to sleep-deprived crazy Jill! Ha!

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