Social Media Lingo – Parenting Blog Style

So, maybe you’re a little new to this whole “social media” thing. You’ve set up your Twitter account, have posted some pics to Facebook and now you’re perusing through countless helpful and entertaining parenting blogs. You’ve arrived (sorta)!

Now, if only you could decipher what all those tweeters were actually saying….

With all of the abbreviations out there, it can sometimes seem like people in the online world are speaking a completely different language. (Even some of us seasoned vets, still say “huh?” to the occasional WAHM (work at home mom)).

To bring you in the know, here are some of our parenting favorites:

DS – Darling or Dear Son
DD – Darling or Dear Daughter
DH – Darling or Dear Husband
DW – Darling or Dear Wife
MIL – Mother in law
FIL – Father in law
SIL – Sister in law
BIL – Brother in law
SAHM – Stay at home mom
SAHD – Stay at home dad
WAHM – Work at home mom
WOHM – Work out of home mom

TTC – Trying To Conceive
EDD – Expected Delivery Date
FTE- First time expectant
NIP – Nursing in Public
EBF- Extended Breast Feeding
BM – Breast Milk
BF – Breast Fed
FF – Formula Fed
RF – Rear-facing
ERF – Extended rear-facing
FF – Forward facing
BRU – Babies R Us
CIO- Cry it out

What are your favorites or which new ones would you add to this list??

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