Development Milestone – My First Grader!

When Baby graduated kindergarten in May I was weepy and bleary eyed with pride. I had all summer to prepare myself for her heading back to school as a grown up first grader. Flash forward to August. New uniforms were ordered, washed and hung in the closet. New school shoes were bought and worn home from the store. The first day of school was right around the corner and I dreaded the emotional roller coaster that was ahead.

I had the typical concerns about getting Baby back into the school routine.  The 5 days a week.  The every day homework load.  The special projects.  These were all part of the great unknown

Part of my fears were eased knowing Baby was returning the same class and teacher. She attends a Primrose School and her location combines first grade and kindergarten in the same room, but with a split curriculum. The remaining uneasiness just stayed there waiting for the first day to arrive.

The night before the first day, Baby and I planned the perfect outfit. Such decisions! Of course the uniform requirements helped minimize choices, but heaven help me when she becomes a teen! We planned her breakfast and then off to bed she went. How many times do you think my little princess was back out of bed?  Too many to count!  You name it, and Baby used it as a reason to get out of bed. With every new excuse, I was transported back to my own childhood.  I was also one of those kids too excited to fall asleep the night before the first day of school.

Baby finally fell asleep and sure enough, I had to drag her out of bed in the morning. Poor thing! However, I do have to say, a sleepy morning was a less emotional morning, at least for me. Baby was dressed, finished her breakfast and soon we were rushing out the door.  Of course I took time to take a few pictures to commemorate the oaccasion too.  What parent doesn’t?  :-)

To my complete surprise the first day drop off was a breeze.  I didn’t cry at all.  I wasn’t surpised by the lack of tears  from Baby (unlike last year’s first day), but I really shocked myself.  I think I may actually getting used to this “my baby’s growing up” thing.  Then again, I make no promises for next year when there will be a school bus ride involved.

How did you handle your child’s first day of school this year? Was everyone dry eyed or teary?

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