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Monthly Blogger Spotlight: Surprised Mama

In the past, I have already confessed to being a don’t want to be cured Twitaholic, so it should come as no shock when I say I “met” this month’s spotlight blogger on Twitter. Charma from Surprised Mama is as lovely to chat with as her baby boy, Mr. A, is sweet. The “A” in [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #34

How Big is your Bump? So many of us love to conceptualize the size and progress of our growing babies.  Many books and websites like    compare the developing child to tangible objects like fruits!   Here is beautiful Ashleigh L. who has been tracking and documenting her bump progress through her pregnancy to date.  Here her bump is [...]

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Ways to Bond with Grandbaby

The importance of bonding with multiple caregivers in developing a child’s sense of security and self-esteem has been getting more attention in research in recent years. Who could offer a more natural extension of family ties than grandmom or grandpa?  Many grandparents are gushy about their impending arrival and can’t wait to be all over that baby!  [...]

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Join Graco this week for a car seat safety Twitter event

September is safety month and, as you may have seen here on the Graco blog, we kicked off the month with some important tips drivers should always keep in mind when transporting our little ones. Carrying on the road safety theme, we also wanted to give parents the opportunity to get answers to their car [...]

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Expanding Your Child’s Picky Palate

Being a mom of two and an aunt of four, I have come across a few tricks over the years to help inspire young ones to try new foods. As kids grow, they become more opinionated and start asserting their independence. This can lead to a very picky eater, but not always because they do [...]

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Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #33

Sleeping like a baby….. Have you ever noticed when your little one is all tuckered out, she can sleep just about anywhere through anything? I can’t imagine what this little lady is missing!  Do you have a story about the most surprising event your baby slept through? Visit other great photos of cuteness and awe [...]

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You Know You’re a Grandmother When…..

You know you’re a grandmother when ….. – You find yourself anguishing not about your big meeting next week, but instead by what your grandmother name is going to be…….hmmm – You find yourself in the birthing room again, but it’s not you doing the work this time!  (I’m not sure which side of the bed is easier). [...]

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A New Look for “My First Baby”

Graco is pleased to announce that My First Baby,  a nationally broadcast and online webisode series and community for first-time and expectant parents has a new look and enhanced offerings: New and Improved: – Join the My First Baby community where you can experience the joy and excitement of parenthood with other first time parents from across [...]

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Savoring Baby’s “Firsts”

My Pinkie Pie is almost 14 months now! It is hard to believe that a year has gone! Pinkie has had a lot of important “firsts” over the past 14 months, so I wanted to take a moment to reminisce about them… –First outing: Target (Pinkie was 5 days old). This is a Parlaman baby [...]

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Babies, Bumps & Bundles! #32

Baby’s First Birthday! It seems like only yesterday that our little LoveBird was still a bump, but now she is way more than a bundle and much more than a baby!  Our little lady turned 1 year old on September 11!  She celebrated with her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends at the restaurant [...]

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