Development Milestone – Losing Baby Teeth

Sometimes life just takes you by surprise. Last week I was helping Baby brush her teeth before bed. I say help, but in reality I was doing it for her to make sure it’s done well. Anyway, as I’m spin brushing away, I see something stuck behind her bottom tooth. It wasn’t easy to identify amongst the toothpaste foam. Quick! Spit, rinse and open wide.

As Baby held her mouth open, I still wasn’t sure what I was seeing. I finally use my fingernail to touch the spot. It was a new tooth breaking through the gum! I immediately felt a little panicked since it was coming in behind her baby tooth. That subsided though, as I was able to wiggle the baby tooth in front of it. My baby has her first loose tooth! I was downright giddy telling Baby she would soon lose her tooth and a new one would be grow in it’s place.

I just loved the feeling when I got a loose tooth when I was a kid. I would wiggle the tooth constantly until it fell out. Sometimes I was impatient enough to just rip it out just like @mommybits’ son did this week. Kudos to the little tough guy!

Baby is not a wiggler. In fact, she was a little upset. Baby felt better when we talked about the tooth fairy. I explained we needed a special box for her tooth so it wouldn’t get lost under her pillow. That weekend we made a trip to our local craft store. We returned armed with fairy stickers, press on jewels, and of course a small heart shaped wooden box to decorate. Lastly, I got out my secret stash of Sharpies and let Baby go to town. The end result was a treasure to behold. Lasting memories were made doing the project together, and countless more will created when the box is put to use in the coming months.

I can’t be sure if I was ready for my baby girl to start losing her teeth, but life moves pretty fast sometimes. Too often we don’t focus on the little things that make the journey more enjoyable. Maybe by the next tooth, Baby will be a wiggler. :-)

How are you commemorating the milestones along the way? Do you have any simple crafts that you do with your children that you can share?

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5 Responses to “Development Milestone – Losing Baby Teeth”

  1. Kate September 12, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

    Adorable, Karen.

    I hope Baby is enjoying school this year. Would love to see more pictures of Jed!

  2. Shannanb September 18, 2010 at 12:22 pm #

    I don’t know how they do it, just rip them out like it’s no big deal, lol. Thanks so much for including me in your post. Between the two boys I’ve got about 30 more baby teeth to deal with ;-) .

  3. Karen Hartzell September 21, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    Tooth update! :-)

    Not only did the tooth behind make the first loose, but also the second next to it. Baby wiggled those two teeth like a champ and they “fell” out last night at dinner.

    Yay for the tooth fairy and all things happy today!


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