Savoring Baby’s “Firsts”

My Pinkie Pie is almost 14 months now! It is hard to believe that a year has gone! Pinkie has had a lot of important “firsts” over the past 14 months, so I wanted to take a moment to reminisce about them…

First outing: Target (Pinkie was 5 days old). This is a Parlaman baby tradition since my older child, PP, had her first trip out to Target too (at 4 days old). I get my girls used to shopping with their mom early in life!! PP’s favorite store is still Target since you can get movies, toys, decorations, candy, all under one roof–that is a one-stop shop for PP.

First time she slept through the night: 2 mos. You never know if your child is going to be a good sleeper. PP was OK as a baby so wasn’t sure if were going to have a baby that never slept, or a really good sleeper. Well, thankfully I have to put Pinkie Pie in the camp of good sleeper.

As for any new mom, the first two months are rough. But the light was at the end of the tunnel when I could put Pinkie Pie to bed at midnight and she would sleep until 6 am. I thought it was pretty good for that age so I was happy. As time went by,

I was able to put Pinkie to bed a little earlier each week, until now she goes to bed by 7:30 and wakes up at 6:00 a.m. every day.

First smile: 2 mos. This is such a fun moment when your itty bitty smiles back at you and rewards your for all of the baby talk and funny faces you have been making to get her to smile. Anyone who meets Pinkie knows that once she smiled for the first time, there was no going back. Pinkie has a million dollar smile!

First laugh out loud: 3 mos. I can pin point the exact moment when Pinkie laughed out loud. My husband would make it look like Pinkie would throw her diapers across the room (when actually he would be the one throwing them). It made PP laugh so hard and in turn Pinkie started to crack up too (we have video of this and believe me, it never got old!).

First time she rolled over: 5 mos. Pinkie was upset the first time she rolled but after that, she enjoyed her new found tummy time.

First time crawling: 7 mos. Pinkie Pie loved when she became mobile since she would crawl after her big sis as she ran around.

First word: 7 mos (momma!!). On my first business trip after having Pinkie Pie, I had to leave her for 5 days to go to Santa Monica. Of course I was missing my baby, but I heard from my husband that Pinkie spoke her first word and it was Momma. She was missing her “mommy” and letting everyone know!

First tooth: 9 mos. Pinkie is still working on her second tooth 4 months later! She only has her bottom 1.5 teeth but has recently been drooling big time so i think the top two are coming in now too.

First time clapping hands: 9.5 mos. Pinkie Pie enthusiastically cheers for herself when she has done something well–we practice positive reinforcement!

First steps: 11.5 mos. Pinkie Pie started taking a few steps right before her first birthday, but by the day of her party, she was strutting her stuff with her new found walking legs.

First time singing along: 12 mos. I had to add this in since I thought it was so cute that Pinkie Pie tried to sing along while we sang “Happy Birthday” to her at her party (we got that on video too!).

Those are just some of pur many favorite baby “firsts.” What are yours?

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