You Know You’re a Grandmother When…..

You know you’re a grandmother when …..

- You find yourself anguishing not about your big meeting next week, but instead by what your grandmother name is going to be…….hmmm

- You find yourself in the birthing room again, but it’s not you doing the work this time!  (I’m not sure which side of the bed is easier).

- The office you couldn’t wait to make for yourself out of your daughter’s vacated bedroom is now a make-shift nursery.

- You cannot walk through a department store without checking out the baby department for deals on stuff you would never have bought your own kids.

- You wave to your friends getting pedicures as you pass by the spa on your way to Toys “R” Us.

- The time alone on weekends with DH that you had so long awaited is now spent making the rounds to “see the kids.”  Afterall, you have all those great finds to deliver!

- You take vacation days from work to babysit.

- You buy your children movie tickets, so you’ll have a chance to babysit.

- You learn from your daughter-in-law on how to properly burp a newborn.

- You say “yes” to having the kitten live at your house, since SIL is allergic.

- You suddenly see bedtimes as arbitrary and discretional.

- You remember minute details of your own child’s early life you thought you’d long forgotten.

- Your granddaughter says “Nana” for the first time 

- Your granddaughter says “I want Grandma to sit next to me!” 

- When you first see your child holding her child and you are overwhelmed by the indescribable realization of the infinite nature of time, love and the circle of life.

How GREAT to be a Grandmother!! What are your favorite things about being a grandparent?

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