Bundles, Bumps & Babies! #34

How Big is your Bump?

So many of us love to conceptualize the size and progress of our growing babies.  Many books and websites like babycenter.com    compare the developing child to tangible objects like fruits!  

Here is beautiful Ashleigh L. who has been tracking and documenting her bump progress through her pregnancy to date.  Here her bump is now the size of Banana — that’s 1 step bigger than when she posed with the Mango!  Thanks for sharing Ashleigh!

How are you tracking your baby’s growth through your pregnancy?  

Visit other great photos of cuteness and awe (and share!) on the Graco Flickr page.

Maybe you’d like to share that great shot of the ever-growing baby bump you are sporting, your newborn baby’s very first picture or anything that captures the wonder, humor, marvel of childhood and parenthood — here’s how!

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