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Jealousy (The Green Eyed Momster)

Before babies, DH and I were a two income household.  We both liked our careers, and we often discussed that future children would more than likely be in day care.  Moving to a new city a year ago, we again prepared ourselves that we would need to tackle the challenge of finding day care for our children [...]

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How to Shop for a Swing

Do you need to quiet a fussy baby or are you looking for a safe, comfortable place to keep your little one occupied while you’re working around the house? A swing is a great option to soothe or stimulate your baby depending on his needs (and the moment!) With so many options available, it might [...]

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Safe Sleeping Tips for Baby

The first few months with baby are often described as sleep-deprived, but one thing that shouldn’t keep you up at night is worrying about your baby’s sleeping environment. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) kicked off a SAFE SLEEP campaign earlier this year to educate parents and caregivers on how to provide a safe sleeping area for [...]

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This Sunday, Sept. 12 is Grandparent’s Day!

What will your family do to commemorate? Here are a just a few ideas… Sunday September 12, 2010 marks the 36th anniversary of the founding of Grandparent’s Day  in West Virginia by Marian McQuade, as well as the anniversary of  the first official federal observance  – September 9, 1979 — 31 years after being signed into law by President Jimmy Carter [...]

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Babies, Bumps and Bundles! #31

Hang Loose….Boogie Fish Summer’s not over till its over!   Thanks to Kristen T. who sent us this great shot of her 3yo DS fish  riding in his very first wave!    She tells us “We live near the beach and so we’re there pretty frequently. It takes some pretty good convincing to drag this boy out of the water [...]

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Get Ready to Buckle Up & Boogie!

Graco has been a proud sponsor of the monthly Babies “R” Us car seat event, Buckle Up and Boogie, since February. A few months ago, Blair announced this important seminar that is held at all Babies “R” Us stores on the third Tuesday of each month. (The next one is coming up on Tuesday, September [...]

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Development Milestone – Losing Baby Teeth

Sometimes life just takes you by surprise. Last week I was helping Baby brush her teeth before bed. I say help, but in reality I was doing it for her to make sure it’s done well. Anyway, as I’m spin brushing away, I see something stuck behind her bottom tooth. It wasn’t easy to identify [...]

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Babies Bumps & Bundles! #30

Look who it is!! Pinkie Pie is looking stylish as she cools off……… Visit other great photos of cuteness and awe (and share!) on the Graco Flickr page. Maybe you’d like to share that great shot of the ever-growing baby bump you are sporting, your newborn baby’s very first picture or anything that captures the [...]

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