Car Seat Safety Questions from Graco’s Twitter Event

To mark the end of Safety Month, Graco hosted two car seat safety Twitter parties on September 30. The events were a huge success thanks to all of our curious participants. Our car seat expert, Carol Helminski had a great time responding to everyone in what was her first, fast-paced Twitter experience!

For everyone who was unable to attend the event (or even if you did) here’s a recap of some of the best questions. However if you’re still unclear on the installation and safety of your child’s car seat, be sure to check out some of these great online resources such as, and the NHTSA website, or you could always leave us a comment below and Carol will get back to you.

Top 10 question and answers from the Graco Car Seat Safety Twitter Party:

Q: @GrOvEbUg: What is the best way to keep a newborn’s head up in the car seat? They always tend to lean and fall forward.

A: 1st make sure you have the right recline angle-then you can used rolled receiving blankets to help support the head.

Q: @lifeinstatutes: When traveling with young children should there be a time limit when they should “get out and walk”?

A: It really depends on the child-some can sit for a few hours, others need a break more often.

Q: @rogXue: How snug should the straps be on a child in a 5pt harness?

A: It’s important to keep the harness as close to the child’s body as possible to ensure a proper fit.

Q: @GrOvEbUg: Is it OK to put a towel under my carseat to adjust the angle?

A: We recommend a foam noodle or a tightly rolled towel to get the right recline

Q: @MamanADroit: Are carseat “accessories” ever considered safe? I see tons in stores

A: Car seat accessories should only be used if they have been approved by the manufacturer or come with the seat

Q: Where can I find a list of organizations will help install car seats correctly?

A: is a great resource (Graco is a sponsor of this site)

Q: Where is the best place to put a car seat? On the backseat driver-side, passenger or middle seat?

A: The center of the back seat is farthest away from a possible side impact, so we always try first to install there first. However, the safest place is the one where you can get the most secure fit to your vehicle in the back seat.

Q: How long can I use my current car seat?

A: You might not know it, but car seats actually expire. Check out this blog post to find out your Graco car seat’s life span.

Q: How long should my child stay rear-facing?

A: The minimum is up to 1 year and at least 20 lbs, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends up to two years.

Q: Can anyone become a CPS technician? How can I get certified?

A: Any individual can be a CPS Technician. Go to and click on “Certification”

For the full #GracoSafety Twitter Party transcript go here.

Again, we’re happy to answer any additional safety questions you might have. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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One Response to “Car Seat Safety Questions from Graco’s Twitter Event”

  1. Pam October 16, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    I am going to be a grandmother soon. Car seat safety is very important to me, as I will be watching her on a regular basis.

    My daughter purchased a Graco 30 Infant car sear which was included in the Capri travel system.

    I checked the Graco website, and it says that the Graco 30 was compatible with the Infant Safe Seat base which was given to me. by a friend.

    My problem is the leveler is located on the base of the Graco 30, and no leveler is on the borrowed Infant Safe Seat base which was manufactured in 2008. ( Three years old). The car seat snaps in the borrowed base snugly.

    How do I make sure the Safe Seat base is at the correct 45 degree angle for an infant using the Graco 30 when no leveler is present to check it?

    I hope I am explaining this correctly, and you are able to understand my dilemma.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.