Planning a Toddler Halloween Party

jedmonster2Halloween is probably my all time favorite holiday. I was even hoping to hold off the birth of my first born to deliver on the 31st! Alas, I did not make it and Baby arrived in all her glory on the 27th, but that’s a topic for a later post.

This year I am very excited to be hosting a meet up for my Moms of Toddlers group. We all thought it would be fun to have the wee ones dress up in costumes and have a little party, since most of them may be asleep by the time the trick or treating starts. There are so many great resources for party planning from the internet, it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed or frustrated during your search. I decided to share a few of my great finds to help you plan your perfect Halloween get together.

I always start my party planning with the menu. The food really sets the tone for the party. For my event I am choosing toddler friendly items like finger sandwiches and pizza mummys, but you can certainly step up the creativity if your children are older with some of the ideas here, but don’t be eating when you read. Some have names enough to make you lose your lunch. Kitty Litter Cake. Need I say more. Remember to have your kids help in the preparation for the food too. It’s always more fun when mom isn’t alone in the kitchen doing the work.

Next, be sure to plan a few activities to keep the children entertained. There are easy crafts for all ages. I know I am stocked on all sorts of different coloring pages and of course, washable crayons. I also have plenty of themed foam stickers and plain gift bags so the children can decorate their own trick or treat bags with a little help from mom or dad. Older siblings can easily join in on this craft too.

Lastly, set a start and end time for your party that is age appropriate. Nothing puts a stop to the party fun like an over-tired toddler tantrum. Not that either of my children have ever been over-tired and cranky.

Do you have a favorite party planning tip to share?   With a few simple ideas and a little thought you too can plan your next get together easily. Now I just hope I get an invitation. :-)

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