Top 5 Halloween Alternatives Without Cutting The Costumes Out

It’s an exciting time of year! Leaves are turning, a cool breeze has filled the air and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

Oh, and lets not forget Halloween is just a few days out. But did you know that many families don’t celebrate Halloween? As a child, my family never did participate, but luckily, there are many great alternatives.

I’ve done some digging and have captured the top five Halloween alternatives (without having to lose the costumes too).

1. Fall Carnival or Harvest Festival

Instead of setting up spooky decorations on October 31, plan a neighborhood carnival during the fall. Kids can still get together with their friends, eat candy and have a great time. It can be as simple as a buffet of fall-specific dishes or as elaborate as a full-blown fall carnival of rides, games, and side shows. Most festivals of the type include cookoffs – from breads to the fall favorites, pies.

2. Family Pumpkin Carving

Plan a family pumpkin carving project. Conclude the festivities by partaking in a slice of homemade pumpkin pie! Remember, family traditions don’t have to be gigantic, just memorable. OR host a pumpkin carving contest. Who says you can only carve scary faces into pumpkins? Encourage children to carve their favorite animal, sports team, or anything their creative minds can think of into their pumpkins.

3. Fall Crafts, Decorating and Dress-up

Make crafts with your kids out of leaves from your yard and non-toxic paint. You can even make fall place mats that can be used for the Thanksgiving feast. But make sure and play dress-up — maybe as Pilgrims and Indians in preparation for Thanksgiving!

4. Throw a Costume Party/Themed Party

Just because trick-or-treaters dress up on Halloween doesn’t mean your youngsters can’t. Why not have a themed costume party? Just make sure you specify that all costumes must be appropriate for a Halloween Alternative — unless you want zombies crashing your party!

5. Movie Night

Download or rent a kid-friendly movie for viewing at home. Pop the popcorn, microwave the cheese nachos and enjoy all the benefits of a movie from the comfort of your own home. Want some added fun? Have the kids dress up as their favorite character from the movie!

Have any other ideas? We’d love to hear them. Leave us a note below!

Photo Credit: Sarah Jane

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