Birthdays and Holidays – Never shall the two meet?

I love Halloween. I wanted to get married on Halloween with a costume reception. My friends all thought I was nuts so we settled on November. A few months later (Valentine’s Day) I received the news I was pregnant. Overjoyed was an understatement for how DH and I felt, but there was also a tinge of excitement that the baby would be due in October. Would I have a Halloween baby? I could only hope!

Baby ended up arriving a few days shy of Halloween, but as luck would have it, my good friend K’s daughter showed up ON the 31st, two years later. K and I have had the Halloween birthday conversation many times. It makes me wonder…is sharing a holiday with a birthday year after year any fun?

I know not everyone celebrates Halloween, so a birthday around this holiday isn’t much of a challenge, right? So what happens when the birthday is up against a much larger holiday? Crazy enough, Jed’s birthday is a few days before one of the largest gift-centered holidays of the year – Christmas. How do I make it special for him? Asking around the office I was given quite a few great ideas so I wanted to share them. Here are four ideas on how to make a holiday birthday special:

Set a budget. We all know Christmas can get expensive. Set the birthday dollar value you intend to spend aside before holiday shopping starts. If you have more than one child, set the same limit for all. Not only will this allow for equality among siblings, you will also be prepared on what you will be spending.

Next, don’t give a split gift. Monetary value of the gift itself shouldn’t be important, but it definitely should clearly be a birthday gift for your child, and not half for Christmas.

Celebrate a half birthday. Holidays are also extremely busy. If you think things are too crazy to focus on the special day, try having a half birthday celebration for your child. Weather that is sunny and warm versus cold and snowy may open up a new realm of themes or activities.

Lastly, talk to your child. They may have their own opinion. They may love the thought of a holiday themed party or want to assert their independence by choosing an alternate theme. Offer a choice of themes you feel appropriate for their age and have fun planning together.

Do you have a child with a birthday close or on a holiday? What do you do to make your child’s birthday unique or special?

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5 Responses to “Birthdays and Holidays – Never shall the two meet?”

  1. Jessica Pace October 28, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    My baby’s bday is 4 days after Christmas and this year is her first birthday. What do I do?

  2. kerry October 28, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    My daughter’s birthday is on December 29th. She will be 4 this year. We usually throw her birthday party the Sunday after her birthday. It usually falls not far after new years. This year it will be January 3rd. It works out great for us because most of the holiday stuff has just winded down. We usually get her a gift (something she’s really wanted) and small cake or cupcakes for the day of her birthday and a smaller gift for her party day. The first year I was worried that people may not come and that all her gifts would be wrapped in xmas paper. so we set a theme (her first was elmo) and we made it a rule that no xmas paper should be used for her birthday and friends and family were great, everybody has shown up every year. Last year was great because we realized all the toys go on clearance the day after xmas at a lot of places so you can get a better birthday gift for not too much money. We got a whole bunch of toys at sam’s club for 50-75% off! I would defiantly suggest telling friends and family to focus on xmas first and then her birthday. When people ask what she wants i make sure to tell people gift cards also to places she can go to like build a bear and make or pick something out a few weeks latter that way i’m not bombarded with toys! Speaking of toy bombardment, i suggest getting a toy box or organizer before the babys 1st birthday. I had so many toys after her first birthday I had to run out and get a big toy box. Good Luck!

  3. BananaBlueberry October 28, 2010 at 7:13 pm #

    My little brother’s bday is November 1st… and he always had a Halloween Birthday party… and he and all his friends loved it! People are in the mood to get together!
    fast forward – my son was born december 18th… and I agree- NO SPLIT GIFTS! It’s not fair…

    AND NO CHRISTMAS WRAPPING PAPER ON BIRTHDAY GIFTS :) Trust me, he’s 6 now, and I’ve learned all the rules :)

  4. Nicole October 29, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    We are getting married halloween next year!!! Yeah it’s crazy but we want everyone to remember it! Plus without a whole lot of Money it seemed like the fun easy thing to do! I will be wearing a Ball gown though! As far as our past V-day well we will never have another like it! I went into the Hospital on the 7th with preclamsia and had an Emergency C-Section I was 36 weeks, JoHanna was a happy and Healthy little girl but had to be in the NICU. I was in there 9 days with her, V-Day snuck right up on me and I hadn’t bought anything for Steven I felt bad but what could be better then to have a new addition to our family :) Meanwhile he shopped at the giftshop and bought JoHanna and I matching earrings! So cute and thoughful but it’ll be a long time before she can wear them!

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