Top 5 Baby Gear Registry “Must Haves”

There is a reason why many retailers use the quote, “gear up for baby.” Babies do need a lot of things, so hopefully I can provide some insight on my personal top 5 “must have” baby gear items from Graco. Check them out!

1. Infant Car Seat. You can’t leave the hospital without one. Selecting a car seat is an extremely important decision, so please do your research. Make sure you select a car seat that will fit your child, fit your car and that you can use correctly every time.

I suggest going online first to narrow down which brands of car seats you are considering (or talk to your friends to see which one they would recommend). Then go into the store & make sure that you are comfortable with the functionality of the seat. Ask questions! Also, ask the store associate if you can bring the car seat out to your car to make sure that are comfortable with it fitting in the car.

And don’t forget to check out to see our car seat installation videos before installing your car seat. My top pick is the SnugRide 35–it holds babies from 5-35 lbs and has lots of great fashions to choose from.

2. Stroller. You are going to want to show off that adorable little baby! Make sure you consider your lifestlye before buying your stroller (do you live in the city? Do you travel a lot? Are you outdoors frequently?) That will determine if you want a more lightweight stroller or something a little heavier and full-featured. Remember, all Graco infant car seats snap into most Graco strollers so you can create your own travel system or buy a pre-packaged one. My pick is the Alano FlipIt since the handle flips so you can see your baby while you are out and about.

3. Playard. I am sure a lot of people are told to get a playard but may not know exactly why. Well, the playard becomes your “family room care station” for your little one. Basically, you can eliminate running up and down the stairs ten times a day to find diapers, get diaper cream, etc. Different playards have different features, but many include a bassinet, changing table, and diaper organizer. Some newer models even have newborn napping stations!

4. Swing. Since babies are used to constant motion when they are in your belly for 9 months, the motion of a swing continues that familiar and calming action. Add a pacifier for an additional soothing method (check out Dr. Karp’s 5 S soothing method) and your baby will be cooing with contentment in no time. For Pinkie Pie, I used the Sweetpeace swing which allowed me to customize the swinging motions as well as having a MP3 hook up for my own lullaby play list.

5. Highchair. Some people forget to add a highchair to their registry. But, when Baby is 6 months old, you are going to need it! Some of the new highchairs provide multi-functions, like the one PP is using, DuoDiner. What’s great about DuoDiner is that it becomes a booster chair so when you want Baby to sit at the table with the rest of the family, you don’t have to buy another product. PP is now officially sitting at the table in her booster seat (but in the picture above, I’m showing PP before her graduation to the table).

There are still so many other things that you are going to need on your registry, like diapers, wipes, bibs, towels, etc… but I will leave that one for a future post!

Until then, Happy Registering!

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One Response to “Top 5 Baby Gear Registry “Must Haves””

  1. Rebecca M. December 15, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    “Infant Car Seat. You can’t leave the hospital without one.” Oh really? Then how did I get my son home from the hospital, without ever purchasing an infant car seat? Oh, that’s right, I had a convertible seat, right from the beginning! I know that most parents choose to buy an infant car seat, and some experts recommend them for the best fit from birth, and of course you’re trying to sell products. But your very own Graco convertible car seats are rated from 5 pounds and many come with pillows and positioners to accommodate a small infant. An infant car seat may be a “want” or “nice to have” but it’s not an absolute requirement, and saying so on your company blog is misleading.

    (For the record, our convertible seat is a Graco ComfortSport Deluxe which I’ve been mostly happy with, and our next car seat will likely be a Graco as well. I just don’t like seeing WRONG information on an official company blog.)