Top Five Baby Lullabies – From You!

Rock-a-bye Baby has always been a classic, but there are also some great songs/lullabies/nursery rhymes that can help soothe a little one

We asked parents what they sing to their babies or bellies on our I Love My Baby Bump Facebook Page – and here are five of our favorite replies:

- Gina P: Hush Little Baby, b/c it is on the long side. I would have to sing the short ones like 20 times in a row!

- Danielle H: You are my sunshine worked wonders walking around when my son was tiny. At naptime now, I sing to him on the way to his room (I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living my baby you’ll be) and he knows it’s time to calm down. He loves any songs though. Right now he’s dancing around crazy to CMT to a song I wouldn’t have a clue how to dance too!! Lol

- Carrie G: We speak Spanish in the home, so my favorite song for the babies is “Pajarito Cantor” BEAUTIFUL song!

- Rebecca H: ‎”You are my sunshine” in and out of Belly as well as, The Doors “touch me” (the part that says, I’m gonna love you til the heavens…) and “Layla” by Derrick and the Dominos because we knew we were naming here Laila :o )

- Sara C: I constantly sing along with “Haven’t met you yet” by Michael Buble. It’s my fav song to sing to my lil boy to be!

What is your favorite lullaby, new or old!?

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2 Responses to “Top Five Baby Lullabies – From You!”

  1. Kristen November 9, 2010 at 7:27 pm #

    We’re big fans of Twinkle Twinkle when we put my 3 year old to bed. He loves to do the twinkling with his hands during the “stars” part as that’s the sign for “Stars”. He’s always remembered from his baby years and has since taught his little brother many baby signs including this one for “stars”. Plus it’s short and sweet and after a long bedtime story it’s nice to have just a short song to since before flipping off the light and kisses goodnight.

    Mary Had a Little Lamb with all the verses is another popular one in our house. I love that one when I’m rocking my little guy to bed since it only takes then 2 songs to lull him to sleep instead of like 5 shorties.

    There are so many… its hard to choose just 1!

  2. Kelly Voelker November 10, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    Kristen – These are such cute stories. I love that your little guy now teaches his brother :) Thanks for sharing.