Maternity Style Questions from the Liz Lange Style Twitter Party

Last week, we hosted a Twitter Party with fashion expert and maternity designer Liz Lange! If you missed the party, or were unable to catch all the responses – here are 10 of our favorite Q&As from the evening:

What are 5 must-have essentials for the closet during pregnancy?  

Liz Lange: Jeans, T-shirt, LBD (Little Black Dress), ballet flats, cardigan + bonus: stretchy leggings. If you work you also need a blazer and pencil skirt.

What colors should pregnant women stay away from?

Liz Lange: There is no color you need to stay away from… celebrate your pregnancy in fun colors!

What is a great way to wear jeans or leggings – be warm and stylish without looking like a buffalo?

Liz Lange: Keep jeans/leggings nice and fitted and pair with a flowy top – it’s all about the proportions!

Do you think a maternity swimsuit would be a good investment instead of just using my regular one?

Liz Lange: Bathing suits are stretchy, wear your regular one if it still fits – if not invest in one.

I have 5 weeks left in my pregnancy and not a ton of clothes that fit. Any suggestions on how to get by?

Liz Lange: Leggings and big sweaters. Leggings will fit on the way back down, too! Check out more tips at Shopafrolic.

Is it cool to keep wearing pregnancy jeans AFTER pregnancy?

Liz Lange: Absolutely! 9 months on & off – don’t feel the pressure to get out of your maternity clothes!
Are patterns more flattering than flat colors when dressing with a baby bump?

Liz Lange: Solids are always your safest bet, but patterns are cute if mixed in with solids.

How can i feel pretty and sexy when I’m carrying SO MUCH extra weight!? My face is like a pumpkin!

Liz Lange: Trust me there’s nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. Dress sexy and feel happy! 

What about bangles? Are thick bangles okay for thick wrists?

Liz Lange: Yes, wear 3 -4 for extra impact. Accessories are a great place to save money – wear the ones you own, they are not size specific.

Ohh, how i love ballet flats! But my feet have spread so they are too tight.

Liz Lange: If that’s the case, flip-flops or Uggs are always good.

Missed the party? What other maternity fashion questions do you have? Ask us here!

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