Celebrating Birthdays with the Kids

I love to celebrate holidays, so birthdays are certainly no exception! My kids are fortunate to get two birthday celebrations every year–one local party & another one back at home, in Pennsylvania. Mom here, only gets one celebration (but, I do milk it for all it’s worth & get an entire birthday weekend).  

This year, on my birthday, my husband took off from work so we could all celebrate together. Saturday, after attending the kids’ school for a Fall Festival, we did a little shopping and I asked PP, my little girl, what she was getting me for my birthday. She said that she was “going to get me something really special–something at Target.” Boy, does she love that store!! Then PP followed up with announcing she was going to get me the cat that I wanted (isn’t she sweet??).  Well, didn’t get the cat, but I got a bracelet from J.Crew & a hearty breakfast of pancakes & bacon.

When the family asked what I wanted to do with the rest of the day, my response was, “Let’s go to the kids museum!” (hhhmmm…don’t think I would have said that 5 years ago…). We then ventured off to the “Imagine It” Museum in Atlanta. What we failed to realize was that an Atlanta Falcons game was happening at that time so, needless to say, we spent some time in the car. The family and I had a great time at the museum and continued the festivities with a birthday cake (from Target…) & two rounds of “happy birthday.” The following day, I treated myself to more birthday cake (and another rendition of happy birthday) & a massage.

Perfect ending to a perfect birthday (maybe next year, I’ll get a cat too!).

How do you and your family celebrate birthdays? We would love to hear from you!

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