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I’m engaged!!  Well, I have been engaged for a month – but it is my first time sharing it here…so… I’M ENGAGED!!  I met my fiance, Danny, a few years back in NYC while we were both living in the WONDERFUL city.  We made a quick trip back to “our home” in December to visit some close friends.  After much scheming, he got down on one knee, on the Brooklyn bridge, and asked me to be his wife.

After a few minutes of no-words, and utter surprise, I said “YES!!”  He was down there forever, but I was speechless.

Thanks to my fiance’s planning and our dear friend, Lee, we captured it all on film.  Lee followed us over the bridge without my knowledge.  It was romantic, and meaningful, and the scenery of “our home” was especially beautiful that night.

After a week of non-stop dinners, celebration, and champagne, things started to settle down and we got to planning. Now, for me, planning was heavily focused on the obvious next step -  a wonderful wedding.  I was overwhelmed and almost immediately ready to elope.  After-all, who has time to plan the ceremony, the reception, the mood, the music, the favors, the wedding party…(you get the point).  Danny, on the other hand, started to prepare for our life together… post-wedding.  Yes, he is the very logical & practical one.

He began by talking finances & budgeting.   Which lead to discussing the pros and cons of one or two bank accounts.  But this simple conversation began to drift in to MUCH larger ones…  Where we will live?  What side of the family we will see for each holiday?  When we will get a dog?  What type of dog? (This is a hot topic).  How many dogs?  How many kids?????????????????  PHEW.

Although I am so excited to start my life with Danny and am certain it will be full of so much joy, we have officially started our very own family of two.

Decisions no longer belong to me – they belong to US. This is a new perspective, but so far, these conversations have gone over smoothly.  Before getting engaged, we discussed these “hot topics”  in passing and we’re usually on the same page — it’s just finally sinking in how much we have ahead of us!  We have a full year to prepare for our family of two, before it is official.  And we will take that year to figure out the important stuff.  In my experience, your “plan” only works out about 30% of the time anyways.

From previous posts about family – I think it is obvious how crazy I am about mine, and how important it is that I carry on the value of family as I plan my future.

It is exciting to be part of something so special (although small – with just the two of us).  I can’t wait to start our own traditions and pass them on to our children.  Hats-off to all you parents out there who have done it so successfully!  I can’t even imagine the conversations that will arise then (I’ll stick to wedding planning for now!).  Danny and I hope to follow in your footsteps.

Do you remember starting your own family of two?  What were the hardest & most exciting conversations you had?  What about when your family of 2 became 3 or more?

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