Secrets of a Grandparent

One would have thought I’d learned everything there is to know about parenthood and about life simply from having emerged (in 1 piece) from 27 years (OMG!) in the parenting trenches.   One thing in life is certain – you always keep learning.

So now that I have a little over a year of grandparenthood under my belt,  I’m amazed at what I’ve learned about myself  and life now that the next generation has begun!  Here are some of my latest enlightenments:

01.  Grandparents DO have favorites.   It’s a rule that you must love all your kids equally (you know you all do!), but… when you have grandchildren, you can choose favorites!   “Love Bird” is my favorite.  I am completely overwhelmed with joy and I’m sure I could never love another grandchild as much.  Didn’t I say that about my first baby too?

02.  My house is no longer babyproofed!  Somewhere along the way, I started keeping poisons under the sink and not locking the door to the basement.  My outlets are exposed. Even my oval coffee table has developed sharp edges.  It’s okay.  I can never take my eyes/hands/lips off this child anyway!

03.  There used to be rules in my house, but I forgot where I put the chart.  I think it was stuff about only eating food  in the kitchen, and at the table and on a plate and with a fork and spoon, chewing with your mouth closed…I think…. Oh and we eat at regular meal times.  “It’s alright if you are not hungry for lunch, the next meal is dinner – you can eat then”, was an old favorite saying in my house.

04.  Great-grandmothers don’t seem as excited about their new status as they did when they became grandparents.  I feel like they are laughing at me on the inside and know “something”  I don’t.   Wise as they are, they are enjoying watching me “gush”.  I bet it just because they have more experience at the most difficult grandparenting responsibility of all – restraint.

05.  So now I have to sleep with a Grandpa!  Truly – this is SO much NOT what I had imagined 20 years ago.  Sharing a grandchild is another of life’s blessings that we have been fortunate enough to experience together.  Life seems more complete, it has deepened our relationship.  Our capacity for gratitude grows every day.

What has the little one in your life taught you lately?

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