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Happy Friday! Dance Into the Weekend

The weather in Atlanta has got us here, at Graco, ready to dance and celebrate the coming spring. We hope this video makes you laugh, makes you dance and brings a smile to your face this Friday.

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Those are the words I hear from the moment Pinkie Pie wakes up until she goes to bed at night. My oldest, PP, is totally a daddy’s girl, so when I got pregnant with Pinkie Pie, I was hoping for a momma’s girl. Well, I got what I wished for (and then some!). Pinkie Pie’s [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #50

I have a baby to introduce you to today that’s very close to my heart: my cousin Hillary’s daughter, Miss Brooks! Miss Brooks was a preemie; she was born at only 30 weeks with the slight weight of 2lbs 15oz and spent 8 weeks in the NICU. It’s hard to believe when you see her [...]

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Perfect Imperfection

A huge thanks to our friend, Mommyfriend, for this wonderful post! One of the few constants in parenthood is imperfection; messy, exhausted, beautiful imperfection. Before I had children I was one of those people who would strive for perfection in everything. While even true perfectionists understand perfection is unattainable (in theory anyway), somehow we still [...]

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Deciding How Many Children To Have

I knew I always wanted to be a mom, so I married a man who wanted to be a dad. Together we decided how many children we wanted. Mind you, I need to stress that wanted is a very loose definition of the word for purposes here. You know how the song goes, “You can’t [...]

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Tips for Safe Strolling

We know what you’re thinking – what on earth would you do without your stroller?! It’s stylish, easy to use, and helps you maintain your sanity. It’s practically your best friend. Well, along with being oh-so-convenient and cute, your stroller also has a number of safety features built into its design. So, we at Graco [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #49

Mmmmmm. I don’t know about you, but I just want to eat her up! (The doughnut looks pretty yummy too) This is little KK enjoying a sprinkled doughnut with mommy and daddy. What a cutie! If you’d like to share that great shot of your kids, click here to learn how! We’d love to see [...]

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Kids Avoiding Punishment–Funny Stories

At what age does the act of manipulation start? I would argue after watching my two half-brothers grow, it starts around birth. I believe it’s innocent at first, but somewhere along the way through observation and absorption; it becomes an art form for some kids. My half-brothers are no exception. I will use the oldest [...]

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Tell us–What Graco products do you want to know “How-To” use?

Are you using our products, but need help with assembly? Do you want to understand all of the  safety and usage features? Well, the Graco Team is putting together some informal “How-To” videos and we could use your help. Here’s the skinny: Over the next few months, we’ll be filming short “How-To” videos with the [...]

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Need Some Help? Quick Tips on Buying a Travel System

Need help on selecting the travel system that is best for you? I have some tried & true tips that I have given to other expectant moms, so hopefully these will help you too! First, I’ll start with a little Travel System 101. What is a travel system? A travel system is a pre-packaged stroller & infant car seat all [...]

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