Need Some Help? Quick Tips on Buying a Travel System

Need help on selecting the travel system that is best for you? I have some tried & true tips that I have given to other expectant moms, so hopefully these will help you too!

First, I’ll start with a little Travel System 101.

What is a travel system? A travel system is a pre-packaged stroller & infant car seat all in one box. Note: The infant car seat should include a stay-in car base, so you can install the base in your vehicle. The infant car seat will then snap in & out of the base and should snap into your stroller as well.

Another Travel System option is to “make your own” by purchasing a stroller with a matching infant car seat.

Why do you need a travel system? The travel system is an important first purchase. You will need an car seat in order to leave the hospital (it’s the law!) and it gives you the ability to easily get out and about with your baby once the he/she is born. The other benefit of a travel system is the ability to transport your little one by snapping them from a swing to the car without disturbing them.

What do I need to know? People buy a travel system because you can easily and conveniently transport your infant from car to stroller to house without disturbing your resting baby. Awesome, huh? Just keep in mind that with a travel system it is important to understand the infant car  seat features, to ensure proper usage.

Which travel system is best for me? Below are some things to consider while selecting your “perfect” travel system:

– Lifestyle: Are you always on the go? Do you live in the city or suburbs? Your lifestyle is important to consider since it will determine if you will want a lightweight travel system vs. a full-size travel system.
– Maneuverability: Take the stroller for a test stroll around the store. Make sure you like the way it turns corners and stops. Remember, some stroller wheels may be locked in the store for display purposes, so make sure you unlock those front locks first and then take it for a stroll.
– Storage: This is a big deal for a lot of moms. Make sure you are happy with the amount of storage on the stroller. Also, parent and child cup holders are always a plus for those days at the mall or at the park.
– Fold: Test out the stroller fold in the store. Make sure you are comfortable folding and un-folding the stroller–you’ll be doing it a lot!
– Infant Car Seat: As I mentioned above, the infant car seat is an extremely important part of your travel system. Safety is top priority so make sure your travel system includes a Top Rated seat that has been rigorously crash tested, as well as Side Impact Tested. Test out how you snap the infant car seat in and out of the stroller and make sure it’s easy to do.

I hope these tips help you. When in doubt, check out Graco’s website ( Graco travel systems ) for more information. And, please leave a comment if you have any questions as you venture out looking for the perfect travel system.

Happy Strolling!

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