Great Places to “Stroll” in Atlanta

Before my first child was born I had visions being a beautiful baby wearing mama. My tiny infant would be all snuggled in close to me cooing softly as we took long walks in the local park. Ironically after my daughter was born, she grew at an amazing rate, rocketing off the charts in both height and weight. By the time I was ready to go mobile with her, wearing her in a sling wasn’t exactly the easy breezy experience I was hoping for. Enter stroller, stage left.

I loved being able to just pop my daughter’s SnugRide out of its base, lock it right onto the stroller and off we went. My daughter was great in her stroller and now my son is too. Our family likes to go on mini adventures and Atlanta has plenty of places to go and use a stroller with ease.

Spring will be here soon, according to the calendar, but living in the south has a few advantages. We are blessed with the occasional beautiful day with temperatures in the 70s in February. You heard right. February. When the weather is that nice, it makes you want to get outdoors because you know the record highs of summer will be here before you know it.

One great stroller friendly place to stroll on a sunny day is Zoo Atlanta. We were just there in short sleeves a few weeks ago. Again, plenty of animals and things to see at stroller level. Jed loves being able to see the little meerkat village right in front of his eyes. There are plenty of shady areas to get a break from the sun while walking on the wide paved pathways. Benches are randomly scattered around the paths and there are nice umbrella tables, perfect for a relaxing break from strolling. Although you might not even need a break – the walk isn’t too strenuous thanks to the softly rolling terrain.

I love to pack a picnic lunch to take with us, and my soft side cooler fits perfectly into the stroller basket! This way, we are in no hurry to rush through the exhibits and we don’t have to wait in crowded concession lines when the kids (and DH) start to get hungry. Picnics just make a fun day even better (and cheaper!).

Atlanta has so many great stroller friendly places to explore. Stay tuned as I share more fun places to stroll.

Where is your favorite place to stroll with your child? Have you checked out what is out there at your child’s eye level?

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One Response to “Great Places to “Stroll” in Atlanta”

  1. Kate March 10, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    I can’t wait to put Gracie in her stroller and head over to see the Zoo Atlanta pandas!!