Meet our Newest Graco Bloggers!

We love our blog team and we love that it keeps growing. We have quite a few new contributors to introduce to you. They’re funny, entertaining and you might also learn a thing or two from them in the process. We’re so excited about the unique perspective each of them will bring to our Graco family! We can’t wait for you to get to know them and their stories. Please leave them a comment to give them a nice warm welcome!

Carl Asher

Carl is a Brand Manager here at Graco and has been with us for a little over a year. The number one thing to know about Carl is that family is extremely important to him. He grew up with four older sisters, four older brothers and one younger brother. In addition to the ten of them, he has fourteen other brothers and sisters, of whom he has only met a few.

Megan Roe

Megan is a Senior Industrial Designer and has been with the company for a little over a year as well. Megan has a secret obsession with collecting fun fabrics and secretly believes her dogs amazing acrobatic skills will somehow make it big on YouTube in the not so distant future.


Deanna Conkling

Deanna is a Fashion Designer at Graco and has been here for almost 7 years. Deanna is expecting her first baby and has currently named it BB for “Baby Blob.” Baby Blob is exactly what she thought the ultrasound looked like the first time she saw it. Of course, this name will change once the baby is born :) Deanna is extremely thankful for where she is in her life right now and is excited to share her full experiences with many upcoming “firsts.”

Kate Hong

Kate is a Demand Planning Manager who is literally obsessed with Target. She believes a trip down the aisles of Target is a “guaranteed” day brightener. Her “Happy Place” is in bed reading with her daughter Gracie and dog Riley tucked in right beside her. Kate shares her stories of watching Gracie grow.

Lauren Westin

Lauren is a Brand Manager for the Playard category at Graco. Lauren started working for Graco 5 months ago and is already quite involved. This should come as no surprise as she is also a newlywed who just bought a house, is studying for her MBA and just started a new job. Lauren also loves to travel, but those plans are on hold until she finishes her degree.



We’re looking forward to introducing even more members of the team soon. Welcome to the team everyone!



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One Response to “Meet our Newest Graco Bloggers!”

  1. Casher March 17, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    Glad to be part of the team!