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Step 1: Getting Pets Ready for A Baby – A Six Step Plan

Thanks to Graco team member, Liz, for this great story! Liz is expecting her first little one soon and has volunteered to share her adventures in getting ready for her new arrival. Check out her first post in this series here. Our little family already consists of two dogs and two cats, all of which [...]

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Blogger Spotlight: Savvy Auntie

When I joined the social media team here at Graco, I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about since I don’t have a baby – which I thought could be a slight issue when writing for the blog. What I DO have, though, are babies that I absolutely adore like my goddaughter, [...]

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Raising Kids in “The City”

During a recent business trip to New Jersey, I decided to extend my stay through the weekend so that I could hang out with my brother and his two kids, my niece and nephew, in Harlem, NY. During the trip I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up my niece from school that [...]

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Smart Seat Twitter Party Q&A – More of your FAQ on the Smart Seat from Graco!

We know you’ve had questions about the new Graco Smart Seat, so earlier this month, we hosted a Twitter Party to give you a chance to talk to our experts about the questions you’ve had. Even if you weren’t able to make it, here’s a recap with highlights of some of the most popular Smart [...]

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All My Friends Are Having Kids

Is this good? Is this bad? How will it change our relationship going forward? All I have to do is look at Facebook to see that it seems like everyone I know and their brother (even my husband’s brother) is having a baby. It is different though when your tight-knit friends are the ones having [...]

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Crafty Kids: Naturally Dyed Eggs

When I was little, we spent the Saturday night before Easter crafting all of our egg-masterpieces.  We would use crayons, markers, rubberbands, stickers – you name it, we tried to put it on an egg.  Then, in they went, dunked into the little tea cups of brightly saturated liquid.  It always turned into a warm-hearted [...]

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Whose Choice Is It? Should Kids Skip a Grade?

My daughter Kalia started Kindergarten last year at 5 years of age like most children do. She couldn’t wait; she was so excited about moving on from pre-k with the “babies” and on to the big building with her older sister. My mom always said Kalia must have been here on Earth before because of [...]

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Adventures in Baby-Proofing: Pet Edition

Thanks to Graco team member, Liz, for this great story! Liz is expecting her first little one soon and has volunteered to share her adventures in getting ready for her new arrival. Great tips Liz — we can’t wait to read more! How do you prepare your first “baby” for the arrival of a new [...]

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Babies, Bundles & Bumps #55: Baby Bathtime

Oh! Who let you in here? Thanks to Sr. Marketing Manager at Graco, Anne Marie Lisko, for sharing this adorable picture of her son “Little Man”. When not being caught at bath time nekkid, Little Man can be found enjoying playtime over at his friend Gracie’s house. Likes also include long stroller rides in park [...]

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Guest Post: Melissa from Full Circle – Update

I don’t know about you, but my heart jumps a little when I find the time to sit down and read Melissa’s blog Full Circle. Let’s get right to the update. I know y’all are an anxious bunch! If you missed the Melissa’s previous posts, I linked to them here for your reading pleasure. Post [...]

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