5 Candles on the Cake

The big one is about to happen..the Big 5! Sounds funny to say that, but PP has been telling people she was five for about six months now. PP constantly talks about getting bigger and bigger and is so excited to finally be five.

It is hard to believe that my tiny (PP was less than 6 lbs when I left the hospital with her) bundle of energy is five years old. I remember writing one of my first posts for the Graco blog three years ago with the post, Birthday Wishes to my Daughter and another one for her fourth birthday, Year of the Bigs. It is great to be able to look back and see her accomplishments through the years and how much she has changed.

PP is going to be celebrating in a “BIG” way with two parties (we started this tradition since we moved to GA almost two years ago). She will have a Toy Story themed party here with her school friends and a Little Mermaid themed party back in Pennsylvania with family and friends. PP also  gets to buy the roller-skates that she has been asking for! It truly is a Big Weekend!

PP has always been a ball of energy and she continues to make us laugh every day. She is very crafty at negotiating and finding a way to get what she wants. We believe she is either going to be a lawyer or salesman, however PP wants to be an art teacher when she grows up.  She loves art. She loves to draw and at one point we had about 30 pictures hung up around her bedroom.  PP also loves dogs (asks for one about twice a week) and takes great care of her little sister, Pinkie Pie.

At night, PP loves “snuggling” in bed with me and we watch Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, and Top Chef. She continues to surprise me with how independent she is.  She will fix herself a snack–most likely gold fish and apple juice, clean up her room, make her bed, put her pajamas on,and brush her teeth (and help Pinkie Pie brush hers). What I truly love most is how caring she is–when I am not feeling well, she brings me water, an ice pack, and rubs my back. When I said that I needed to eat breakfast, she took Pinkie Pie by the hand and said, “We need to let Mommy eat her breakfast and not bother her. Come in my room and let’s play.” When she had to go to the bathroom  she brought Pinkie Pie with her and said, “Stay with me, so Mommy can have some quiet time.” Just those 15 minutes of break time, as PP “took care” of Pinkie Pie was much needed and much appreciated. PP is my BIG helper always :)

Happy Birthday to my Big Girl! You are loved and cherished–we have been celebrating your life since the day you were born!

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