Crafty Kids: Naturally Dyed Eggs

When I was little, we spent the Saturday night before Easter crafting all of our egg-masterpieces.  We would use crayons, markers, rubberbands, stickers – you name it, we tried to put it on an egg.  Then, in they went, dunked into the little tea cups of brightly saturated liquid.  It always turned into a warm-hearted competition between the whole family - with my father, the artist, always coming out on top.

So around this time of year – I always get the itch to dye eggs.  This craft might not be one that you prep with your kids, but when it comes to the dunking -  let them have at it!  What a great way to learn about mixing colors!  I found a little tutorial from Katie Did that walks you through how to naturally dye eggs, using things you would find in the grocery store.  Yes, it will take a bit of prep – but look at those colors!  So beautiful!


If you would like to give this craft a shot, here are a couple of tutorials you can reference:

Katie Did Journal - the one these beautiful images have been supplied by.

Curbly – complete with podcast for those who like videos.

Summer Sky – takes a shot at doing some of the natural dying with her kids

Gingerbread Snowflakes – if you’re not ready to go all natural or if you have a couple of left-over packs of Kool-Aid hanging around!

Happy crafting!

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One Response to “Crafty Kids: Naturally Dyed Eggs”

  1. Jodie - From The Earth April 20, 2011 at 1:09 am #

    Thanks for the egg dying ideas. I’ve always preferred the idea of using natural colours.