All My Friends Are Having Kids

Is this good? Is this bad? How will it change our relationship going forward? All I have to do is look at Facebook to see that it seems like everyone I know and their brother (even my husband’s brother) is having a baby. It is different though when your tight-knit friends are the ones having children. Then you really get to find out what morning sickness means for the working woman and how Buy Buy Baby seems to make up most of the credit card bill.

This is not something entirely new as I had friends embarking on the journey to parenthood while I was still trying to figure out how to evade Friday classes (at UNC the answer was to join the business school). But it seems different now, this is officially a full on deluge of pregnant women and babies into my life.

One event that drove me to this realization was in planning a get-together with five other girlfriends. I wondered why they all insisted that we should go somewhere open and loud… Ohhhh, they were all bringing their babies to this outing. I thought about borrowing one from someone to fit in.

Seriously though, this past summer the fact that all of my friends were having kids became very apparent. A group of us rented a cabin in the mountains and among other topics, I found out that the other couples were all planning to get pregnant right away. Well, it worked and now three new little people have already joined our lives.  I thought I knew these couples really well, but seeing their faces and hearing them talk about their new additions blew me away. There must be something incredibly magical about becoming a parent.

So is it good or bad? From my point of view, it’s just really exciting and I’m grateful to have so much to celebrate!

Here are a few of my favorites :)

Does anyone else out there feel the same way? Or if you are expecting, do you plan to still hang out with your friends that don’t have kids?


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3 Responses to “All My Friends Are Having Kids”

  1. Elizabeth Lee April 21, 2011 at 12:12 am #


    All i’m going to say is that you and Adam will be wonderful parents and I can only imagine how adorable he or she will be they look like you! I enjoyed reading your post!


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