Happy Mother’s Day from Graco!

20110506-031226.jpgWhen I graduated from high school, my mom bought me a book of poems about a mother’s love for her daughter. She told me that before she gave it to me, she sat in her car, read through it and cried.

I loved the book, but I’m not sure I fully appreciated it at the time.

Ten years later, as Mother’s Day approaches this week, I took the book out this morning and flipped through it. The poems talk about how having a daughter is life changing and special. I would imagine having a son would be the same. She showed me, through this small book of poems, the incredible meaning of being a parent. Of being a mom.

So I share with you one of my favorites from the book that captures the beauty of being a mother, and the uniqueness of the love she has for her child. And if you’re anything like me (or my mom), you’ll read though it this Mother’s Day and cry a tear of happiness or two.

Did you know, sweet daughter of mine,

That my world changed forever

When you came into my life?

No one could have prepared me

for the depth of love

That sprang into my heart for you

And I continually think of ways

I can let you know

How very special you are to me.

You truly are a treasure,

And I will cherish you all of my life.

I will brag about you and show you off

Every time I get the chance.

And though I don’t know how it’s possible,

You become more dear to me

With every year that passes by.

- Cheryl Barker

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful, incredible, marvelous mothers out there, from all your friends at Graco.

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