Crafty Kids: Letter Bean Bags

For this little 10-step craft – I wanted it to be a bit educational but also something that could be played with indoors or outdoors.

There are a lot of games you can make up with bean bags. For example: Make masking tape “zones” on the floor and assign different points to each area or each different letter.  You could also use these in any ‘Letter of the day’ activity to help to teach the alphabet.  Anyway you spin it – what kid wouldn’t want fun bean bags?

Here’s the scoop.


crafting tools

-          Fun Scraps of Fabric: The size and amount depends on how many letters you want to make and how big.  I made sure I had 7” squares of each different fabric, and I tried to pick fabrics in bright, fun colors.  Make sure your fabric is pressed smooth.

-          A print-out of the letters you want to use: I just used a word-processing application on my computer to print out different letters at a large size.  I would stick to a bold font to make the cutting, and gluing a bit easier.

-          Felt scraps for the letters: You can find colorful felt pieces for pretty cheap at your local craft store.

-          Scissors: Your favorite fabric scissors (never use these to cut paper!)

-          Needle & Thread

-          Sewing Machine (optional)

-          Hot Glue Gun & additional Glue sticks

-          Rice, Dried Beans or both

-          Iron & Ironing board.

-          Embroidery thread. (optional)

How To:


1.  Print out letters from your computer and trace them onto the felt fabric.  Make sure your letters are thick enough to allow for you to easily cut and glue.

2.  Cut out your colorful, felt letters.

Bean Bag Prep

2.  In this step, we will cut out the pieces of fabric used to make the bag itself.  I decided to make the bean bags in the shape of the letters.  I made a larger profile around the corresponding letter, and cut out the front of the bag and the back of the bag.  You could also just make square bags.

3.  Put the front of the bag piece and the back of the bag piece, right sides together (it’s going to look inside-out). Pin to secure the two pieces of fabric together.

4.  In this step, we are going to stitch around the bag, leaving a 4” opening to turn it right-side out.  Take a pen, and make 2 marks 4” apart on the edge of the bag.  Stitch around the bag stopping at the pen marks you made.

5.  Now, turn the bag right-side out through the 4” opening.

6.  Once you turn the bag right side out – press with an iron.

Bean Bag Stitched and Filled

7.  Fill your little bag with rice, beans or a mixture of both.

8.  Hand stitch the hole closed to secure your bag.

9.  Hot-glue your letters onto their corresponding bag.

10.  Optional: decorate your bean bags with embroidery thread to accent different colors or add decorative stitching around the letters.

Final Bean Bags

11.  PLAY!

This craft, maybe, took me 2.5 hours from start to finish.  I can’t wait to play some games with the boys using them!

Happy Crafting!

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