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It’s been a little while since our friend Melissa from Full Circle has updated us on her journey to motherhood through foster to adopt. Today I am excited to say that this changes! I know you are all eager to see what’s been going on since our last update (#4) so go on…jump to it and read on.

However, if you are new around here or want just want to refresh your memory on the full story, feel free to check out the previous posts.
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It has been just over a year since JuneBug went to live with her family. They have kindly stayed in touch via email with updates and photos and I’m thrilled to report she has blossomed into a beautiful, happy little girl. They are in the process of adoption and she is well on her way to a healthy, new beginning.

Summer of ‘10 was spent healing and tending to our home and hearts. My Husband’s Auntie had been living with us since the twins arrived (helping with the kiddos, the house, etc.) but, after Bug left, moved on to bigger and better things. The house lost another piece of its heart.

It was a season of change.

Although out of the foster loop for months, I volunteered at several events for the county (manning booths at fairs to recruit foster/respite families). It was cool to share our experiences, answer questions and meet a ton of wonderful people. I felt less out of touch. I even got to try my hand at doing nails for kids (no pun intended .. and yes, I’m keeping my day job).

The house remained quiet and we pressed on.

Summer slowly cooled and Fall was upon us. Soon, we were making holiday arrangements and sadness gnawed away at my soul. Another Christmas was around the corner and year coming to an end… we were still childless.

But not for long.

A few evenings before Thanksgiving we got The Call. They were in desperate need to place a 6 year old boy and his 22 month old sister. We figured they rang us up because we had put ourselves on the Holiday List a couple years before. Families seem to implode at that time of year (emergencies spike) and fosters are hard to come by as many are out of town. We thought it was temporary and didn’t hesitate, asking very few questions. It was probably for just a few weeks, anyway.

At 1:00 am the following morning, the intake worker pulled into our drive with two sleeping children in the back seat of his car. I’ll never forget their cherub faces on that cold, moonlit night. We tucked them in snug as bugs and after all the paperwork was done headed for bed ourselves. Little did we know our lives had just changed forever.

The following morning their social worker called and we got the complete low down. It was far from a quickie placement. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a new case but one that had been going on for some time. We were actually jumping in at the end, not the beginning.

One of many firsts.

“Little Buddy” is very much a 6 year old boy with a sweet and ornery side. LB is brave and facing his fears head on and, although we have our struggles, he has stolen our hearts.

“Sweet Pea” is a delightful toddler, with a hysterical sense of humor and (after the ferocious anger we experienced with JuneBug) we feel a very easy child. She has had DH wrapped around her finger from the get go.

Soon we will find out what our all our futures hold…


We greatly appreciate Melissa sharing her ongoing journey with us. Her journey is not over by any means, and if you would like to keep up with the Full Circle house (plus see the latest on how LB and Sweetpea are doing), go check them out on Melissa’s blog here.

I know I will be reading.

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