Graduation and Another Milestone

I am not sure how my baby girl went from this

to this

I swear it was in the blink of an eye.

Other moms warned me that the time would fly by.

I thought I had listened.
I thought I had tried to cherish each indvidual moment as they happened and pack my brain full of sweet memories of snow days, picnics and holidays.
Some how it still feels like a blur and that I missed something.

You know the nagging feeling you get when you leave the house for vacation and wonder if you closed the garage door, even though you know you did, and you looked right at it while you were leaving the driveway. It’s summer vacation already here in Georgia. Another school year is done and I am feeling I missed it all.

Why didn’t I take off to go on a field trip?
Why didn’t I continue to scrapbook the last 5 years like I did her first?
Heck, why didn’t I finish her baby book?
Why did I take so few picutures in January of this year?
Oh my goodness!
Make it stop!

I’m always wishing for more hours in a day when I really want it to stop moving. Yes, that’s it. I want to stop time so my baby stays young and I don’t have to deal with all the scary future thoughts of dating, driving, and leaving for college.

But then what happens to my memories if she never grows up? How can I not let Baby experience all the new adventures ahead of her through her own beautiful eyes?
I can’t. That wouldn’t be fair or realistic for that matter.

Will time continue to go this fast as Baby passes more milestones?

Will I continue to make sure I cherish every moment as it flies by?
And I’m starting by going on a field trip next week.

If you haven’t already, maybe you should do the same.
Before there aren’t any more.

How do you document and celebrate the milestones your children children pass as they grow?

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