Strolling on Father’s Day – Atlanta History Center

Even though we just had the first day of summer a few days ago, it has been feeling like summer here in Atlanta for weeks! It’s hot! On Mother’s Day we were able to enjoy a nice morning playing in the park, but for Father’s Day, this Yankee family was all about finding something fun to do in air conditioning.

One of the first places you think to get out of the heat is a mall. A trip through our local mall for Father’s Day is NOT what my husband wanted given the usual eye rolling he gives when I ask him to go on a non-dad focused holiday. Then I had the brilliant idea to go to the Atlanta History Center. It met my top (and only) two requirements…it was 1) close to home and 2) air conditioned.

The Atlanta History Center is located in the heart of Buckhead, contains so many different exhibits everyone is bound to find something that interests them, including two historic houses, the Swan House and the Smith Family Farm. The exhibit halls are inside and are a great escape from the Georgia heat, and if you go early, crowds are non-existent, which is pretty awesome if you are worried about your kids forgetting to use their inside voices. Our family’s favorite exhibit is the Centennial Olympic Games Museum.

Baby walked Jed around in his stroller on the indoor track, but was quick to ditch him for the interactive computers offering trivia questions stationed all through the exhibit hall. Once set free out of his stroller, Jed wandered around checking out everything. Personally I love the video of the opening ceremony. The costumes, music, and the parade of athletes bring the memories flooding back, but it was a little hard to watch with one eye, since the other was on my now free little mischief maker.

Jed was also mesmerized for a short time by the assortment of small toy cars in an exhibit case. Luckily they were behind glass, or they would have been racing up and down the indoor track.

Next we made our way towards the Civil War exhibit. Jed’s freedom from the stroller was short lived after a lightning fast bolt under a velvet rope to bang on an antique drum. Completely embarassed, I wrangled Jed back into his stroller and ducked from the Civil War hall over to the next, featuring American golf legend Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones Jr. I’m not even a golfer and I was fascinated by his achievements in such a short window of time.

Now since this day was all about Dad, I gave him some time to wander and read some of the great information in the rest of the halls with Baby. I stayed put in an out-of-the-way area, and rocked Jed to sleep for a nap in his stroller. This of course was a bonus for me too. We left a little while later, and headed to try a new restaurant for an early dinner. Dinner was wonderful, bellies were full, and we were home for bath time by 6:30 pm. Our fun family day came to an end with plenty of time to unwind and prepare for the start of a new week.

What did you do to celebrate Father’s Day?

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