Mom’s Much Needed Break

The girls are away in New York for the summer with Dad and family.

It’s funny how every year the three of us can’t wait for this time of year, however, I’m usually the one who secretly wishes they weren’t away so long. The girls are with me full time so they spend summers and some holiday breaks in NY with Dad.

They love to go because just about everyone in my family and his is in NY. So they get to spend time with the Grandparents and all the cousins and get spoiled rotten. They have a little sister who is two years old now and they absolutely adore her. Kalia has been the baby for 4 years and I thought it would be hard for her to share her daddy, since she is very much a daddy’s girl, but to my surprise, she was so thrilled to be a big sister and has welcomed her little sister with open arms.

I speak to them just about every day if not every other, but with their busy schedule of activities and family visits, the conversations are usually shorter than I would hope. I try not to get jealous because I know they are having fun and spending time with those that long to see them, but I can’t help to miss them.

They seem to be doing great on their own (without mom that it is) because they never have as many questions or concerns like when they are home. I guess Dad is dealing with it.

On a brighter note, when I’m not missing the girls as much; I do take advantage of the relaxation time.

I appreciate it when the weekends come and I don’t have to get up early Saturday’s to run them to all of their activities and have play dates over at the house. I enjoy sitting back and watching a Rated-R movie during the day in the living room and having a glass or two of wine. The not having to clean every day or do dishes because I haven’t cooked in days is such a great feeling – almost like I can be irresponsible for a moment and not have double work later. It’s fun to be able to hang with friends and not have to worry about securing a sitter or watching the clock because I have a curfew.

I will be the first to admit that there are perks to getting rid of the girls for a while so mom can have a much needed break, but I do miss my babies.

Who am I kidding though, next year same time they will be on their way back to NY because as we parents all know, we love them dearly, but we do need some ME time every now and then.

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