The Little Two-Year-Old That Could

This past weekend, my goddaughter Fi-Fi came to visit Atlanta for the very first time.  So what should we do but go hike the famous Stone Mountain?

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I have to say this was a great idea except for the fact that this girl does not want to be carried anywhere. She can walk and she wants you to know it! We started the hike with six adults and one two-year-old going at an adult pace and quickly realized that we were mistaken. We were definitely supposed to be walking at Fi-Fi’s pace.

What we thought would be a 20 minute hike turned into an hour of fun and a completely different experience than I’ve had before. While I’ve walked up the mountain many times, this is the first trek where we had to slow down the pace. We took breaks to sit and actually take in the scenery – who knew there were so many beautiful views of downtown Atlanta on the way up?! Ironically though, when we finally got to a pavilion that was a nice place to rest and all of the adults were ready to take a break, Fi-Fi was pumped up and ready to keep going. Below is a great pic of her determination to walk up this mountain all on her own.

On the Steep Section

Long story short: Stone Mountain is no match for the will of this two-year-old.

What outdoor activities do you do with your toddler?  Is there something that you’ve tried that you would never do again?

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One Response to “The Little Two-Year-Old That Could”

  1. Fi-Fi's Dad June 27, 2011 at 9:49 pm #

    We should probably explain that the band-aids were fashion accessories and not genuine hiking injuries :-P