Crafty Kids: Homemade Play Dough


As the summer days get hotter, and the appeal of the sprinkler and pool start to depreciate, some indoor play-time might be needed.  I found this amazing tutorial on the blog An Art Nest on how to make your own homemade play dough.  It’s a super easy step-by-step process that she maps out here.  I won’t repeat her entire tutorial on this blog, so just click through to see her instructions.  Throughout making this craft, I did discover a few things that might be helpful.

- In total, from start to finish, this project took less than 1 hour to complete.

- I doubled her recipe and came out with 5 fairly large mounds in different colors.

- It might be helpful to have another adult on standby – this stuff gets thick fast!  And my biceps needed a break from stirring after a while.

- I used gel food coloring and achieved fairly bright colors – as expected, it took a lot of red to get it to a point that I was happy with the color.  I put the un-dyed dough into a food processor and just blitzed it with the dye until I was happy with the color and consistency

- There is a LOT of salt in this recipe.  I advise to choose your cookware wisely, play on a protected surface, and after playtime, be sure to wash hands and surfaces to rid of any abrasion issues.

- There is definitely a kid-friendly portion and an adult portion involved in making this play dough – you can have the kids help measure out and mix ingredients, the adults cook it on the stove, then have them help you do the color mixing.

playing with play dough

This was so fun!  I enjoyed making it, and my stinkin’ adorable nephew enjoyed his fun gift.

Happy Crafting!

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One Response to “Crafty Kids: Homemade Play Dough”

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