Sweetpeace™ … more than just a swing!

Just days into your new role as a parent, I’m sure your instincts are already spot-on.  And I’d also bet that your instinct to comfort and soothe your sweet new arrival is near the top.  Right?  We created the Sweetpeace™  Soothing Center to help you do just that.

Judging from the hundreds of online reviews I’ve been reading for Sweetpeace™, it sounds like many parents are already big fans of our dreamy swing…

“Being able to make the seat face backward, forward, right or left as well as in three different recline positions brings MUCH variety for baby.  Just when mine seems to get sick of one view/movement, a new position of the chair makes it like a whole new swing.  Sanity saver.”  -Carolyn Bracey in Florida

“This was the best (money) we have spent since our daughter was born.  During the day she likes the wide-swinging position, at night the opposite where her head doesn’t swing at much… Get the Sweetpeace if you want the best baby swing out there. Everyone else will be jealous, even the adults without kids! ” -Aberoham in California

Are you ready to click through and buy the Sweetpeace™ for your little bundle of love?  Before you run off to get your own, let me give you a little more education on this great product.   In fact, I’ll let a couple more comments do that for me:

“It was very easy to assemble, it has a cord so it doesn’t burn through lots of batteries (it will operate on batteries if you are not near an outlet), and the seat is cute, comfy and functional. I think the best feature is that you can remove the seat it comes with and use your Graco SnugRide car seat insteadIt is a lifesaver…” -Mommy of 2 in Nebraska

“This swing really does all that it offers. You’ll save on buying a bouncer since this is included.” -Martita “Dr.Mom” in California

Did you catch that??

Here at Graco®, we’re often surprised to hear from customers who are months into using their Sweetpeace that they just THEN realized that:
a) it accepts most Graco® infant car seats – meaning a seamless transfer of your resting baby from car to home and…
b) the swing seat itself acts as a removable rocking seat that you can easily take with you anywhere. 

Hello, awesome features and value!!

Can you guys tell how much I love Sweetpeace™?  The only disappointing thing I have to share with you is that, no, it doesn’t come in adult-size.  (You wouldn’t believe how often we get asked that!)

This is a great time to get the Sweetpeace™, too, because it seems many of our retailers are offering price reductions right now.  (Follow my links throughout this post to find the product listings…)  Happy buying – and happy soothing!!

Sweetpeace™ may be our favorite way to soothe a little one, but tell us what works for you: how do you comfort your baby?

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