The Swing By Me is the swing for me (us)!

After a brief hiatus from blogging while on maternity leave, I am back to share some of our experiences with the products we used with X-man. (I had the best intentions of blogging my way through my time at home, but I guess that wasn’t realistic as any of you experienced moms probably could have told me.) It was great to have an at home perspective on the products I work on every day and I can already tell it makes me see them in a new light. The Swing By Me is one that we thought was fantastic because of some of its unique and didn’t-know-how-much-we-would-like-that features.

When we got the Swing By Me home, I was excited to see it all put together and of course thought the Meadow Menagerie fashion was adorable! Andrew actually did most of the work, as I get to assemble swings every so often, and he wanted to try his hand at putting it together. I actually enjoyed hearing his thoughts as he assembled the swing. His main feedback was that although it was a little tight to stretch the fabric over the frame, he liked that it kept the soft goods taut which would be good for supporting X-man. Once the swing was ready to go, we experimented with the varying heights and decided to try it at the lowest possible position so we could interact with X-man while he swung. He LOVED it! Andrew sat on the floor and was able to talk to him and make funny faces while lightly pushing him back and forth. Of course he didn’t have to push him as the controls work perfectly fine, but X-man seemed to like the little extra push. We already think he is going to have a love of amusement parks like his parents :)

After a while X-man was getting sleepy, so we decided to try out the recline feature and was pleasantly surprised and how it cradled him so he could easily fall asleep right there. While still harnessed in we just tucked a small blanket around him and he napped soundly while we went about our tasks for the day. We also appreciated how small the swing was, because it was easy to move it from the living room to the kitchen, where he once again dosed off a bit while we cooked a yummy meal nearby.

The height adjustment is a great feature, because at the tallest height, it allows us to interact with him while sitting on the couch and keeps him up out of our adorable little pup Luna’s way. It is a little tricky to adjust the height as I need to do one leg at a time. Andrew however is able to do both sides of the front, and then the back simultaneously, if not a bit awkwardly. But it is relatively quick either way so that wasn’t a real detraction for us.

We love to play with our little X-man, so this is the perfect swing to be able to do that as it is so easy to move to whichever room we are in and use at whatever height suits our need at the time. And when play time is over and he needs a comfortable, well supported place to nap, we know that he rests well and is safely within our reach. The Swing By Me works well in our home with our lifestyle and we think our little X-man would agree that it’s the “swing for me”!

I’ll be back soon to reveal how we finished up X-man’s nursery from where I left off last time, and the fun projects that we made just for him. I am looking forward to finally sharing some fun times from his last 4 months and our experiences with some of our other favorite products!

How do you use your swing: for play, soothing or both? Does your adorable pet love to give kisses to your baby as much as our Luna does?

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5 Responses to “The Swing By Me is the swing for me (us)!”

  1. Billy Delaney August 16, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    This product is a must. My baby always cries when I set her down, unless I put her in the swing. Every parent should have one.

  2. Sara August 17, 2011 at 12:58 am #

    I picked this swing up at Target when I couldn’t decide between a travel swing or a full-size one and I’m so happy I did! I feel like I got the best of both worlds. Plus, I absolutely love that this swing folds up so small – such a difference from the Fisher Price one I used to have.

  3. Kate August 17, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Deanna – I clicked on the last picture to get a closer view of X-man’s grin… and what a treat I ended up getting with your “picture movie!” Adorable. And the shot of him wrapped in his Aden + Anais blanket? So sweet…

    I’m thrilled X-man (and his parents) are so pleased with this awesome swing. Thanks for the super review!

  4. Sara August 17, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    We recently got the Swing by Me and have really enjoyed using it. Like Andrew, my husband had a little bit of trouble getting the snaps fastened together on the underside of the fabric part, but after they were snapped, the seat was very secure. We did not know how our 18+ pound 6 month old would do in the swing, but he likes it a lot! We were worried that the swing motion wouldn’t work well because he is big, but it swings him very well. He REALLY loves the owls that hang down — so cute and fun! The seat looks so comfortable; my husband said that he wished HE could try it out! ;) We look forward to being able to utilize the mobility of the swing. Very nice!

  5. Deanna Conkling August 17, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    Thanks for the comments! I realized I forgot to mention anything in the post about how compactly the swing folds up, so I am glad to see that feature is also recognized :) Honestly, we haven’t had to fold it up much because even when set up it takes up less space then a full size swing. But it will be especially helpful once X-man outgrows it for storage purposes.

    Also, glad Kate found our little “Easter Egg”. I figured showing X-man in motion with the big smile on his face would be enough on its let everyone know how well this swing works for us!