What is Right, Isn’t Always Easy

It’s back to school time here in the south. While all you Yankees are still basking by the pool and trying to keep your kids from driving you crazy busy with some fun home crafts, we are all buying backpacks and enjoying the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.

Baby is heading to a new school this year and she is beyond excited. Our family went together to the open house, and she excitedly raced around the halls wanting to see everything! We started in her class room and met her new teacher. Then we made our way to the gym, science lab, music and art rooms. We could barely keep up with Baby. Note to self…bring stroller net time for the wild child Jed. He’s obviously destined to be an Olympic sprinter.

The school is so big. There are so many rooms. Would my baby get lost in the shuffle? Is she escorted to the different rooms when the schedule dictated? My mind was already spinning as we walked into the cafeteria.

Whoa! So many people! So many lines! I had NO idea what the heck I was doing! Commence panic! I wanted to leave and take her back to her old adorable little school, where I knew everyone. There were tables for PTA, there were tables with credit card signs, and there were tables of spirit gear. Spirit gear? Really? Was I there to buy clothes with my child’s new school on it? Yeah, apparently I was, and I would do it and like it. I just left a school with a uniform code, to come to another that offered spirit wear to wear every Friday. Other than the variety of the t-shirt design, how is that different than a uniform? Do you really think I would not want my child to be included in her new class by wearing the same t-shirt as everyone else? Can you say immediate exclusion?

Then I had an epiphany.
This was not about me.
This was about Baby and her needs.
This was right for her.
I knew that in my heart and just had to let go.

So I joined the PTA, bought the t-shirt, pre-ordered the yearbook and handed over my credit card to pay for it all. Because honestly, who can so no to their child when it comes to their well-being and enjoying school?

Baby is six years old. She likes to read, learn and loves school. I want to keep it that way. Anything I can do to maintain that is worth it to me.

As a parent, what is the biggest challenge you face when sending the kids back to school after summer vacation?

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